REBOOT: V4 Day 2/30 

I am as pleased as punch – what does that even mean…? Ok, so I googled it and the saying is ‘as pleased as Punch’, as in Punch & Judy. There was a lot of explanation about Italian origins and things but I’m not in the mood to procrastinate quite that much tonight so we’ll leave it there then! 

Back to the real reason for this post: Day 2 of my 30 day detox is done. Whoop-whoop! It was a toughie as we had a dinner guest over so I prepared a meal and pudding which I could not eat, and served wine too but I stayed strong and kept it clean. So happy with myself right now!!  

Today’s food was delicious and even though I was busy and rushing around a lot, I didn’t feel hungry or that I was lacking anything. I even managed to drink quite a few glasses of water (I’m working on the water thing. I forget to drink water and by the time I remember, it’s late in the evening and I stop myself because I do love to sleep and waking up 10 times a night to pee is not my idea of fun. I have to increase my water intake though). 

I started with the prerequisite cup of liquid sanity, black and sugar-free. This is not as hard as I expected though by no means easy either; I mean, have you had a really good latte? Yes? Mmmhmm, so you know. It’s tough. I better move on before I start dreaming about lattes, or me swimming in a latte river, lake, or ocean… Swirling in a whirlpool of creamy goodness … Oh goodness me. Shake it off!!! (Can you hear Taylor Swift too?!) 

Breakfast was some leftover bacon, courgette, and mushroom ‘salsa’ served with some scrambled egg. Shockingly, no chilli !   

Then the day seemed to slip into overdrive and before I knew it, 2:30pm crept up on me and I needed some lunch. I was behind on the stuff I needed to get done today so spending a long time preparing a meal was out of the question. This would be the ideal scenario for a quick sandwich, right? So I did – only I did it cleanly 😉 A tin of tuna, some chopped spring onions and chilli (aha! It was too good to be true), and I made the miracle that is ‘2 minute microwave paleo bread’. The recipe is available under ‘Paleo Recipes’ though I did add some seeds to the mix for this one. I ate 2 slices of the 4 (ate the rest at dinner). 


The madness continued and I needed a sugary fix so I made some baked apple slices. All I did was sliced an apple, stuck it in the oven, baked for 15 minutes, sprinkled some cinnamon over it, and tucked in. Honestly, I’m not much of a cooked fruit type of a gal but this was just brilliant. The cinnamon really helps with flavour and sweetness of the apple was all I needed to curb the sugar craving. Will definitely be making this again! 

Hmmm … This is turning into a food fest! 

Now, the part I’m most proud of – being able to sit at the dinner table, a delicious red wine breathing nearby (and hissing at me, I swear!), rice, potatoes, and the double thick creamy goodness that is yoghurt staring tantalizingly at me; don’t even mention the evil curried chillies that permeated me senses and were drawing me in; and yet I managed to stay away. That took will power people! I prepared a chicken dish that we could all enjoy, I just ate my meal minus the rice and potatoes. And yoghurt. And wine. Yeah, and minus creme caramel for pudding. I had a green rooibos chai instead. Serious will power. Phew! 

I was so busy ignoring everything around me that I also ignored my phone and hence, I have no picture of my dinner. I’m sure you know what a chicken breast looks like. Now just imagine that, on a white plate, with the remaining 2 slices of paleo bread. I wasn’t that hungry which isn’t surprising really. So that was it. Day 2. Done!! 


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