Homemade Mayonnaise [Paleo, Sugar free]

A quick, simple recipe for homemade mayonnaise. In just a few minutes, you’ll have yourself a smooth, velvety delight!

The sense of satisfaction from making my own mayo was probably more than any normal person should experience. What are you waiting for? Join the fun !  

*So, I’ve been making this mayo… A LOT… for months on end. I’ve found that the previous oil amount was a tad too high (not always, but on average, I used 1/2cup instead of 3/4) so have adjusted the previous recipe. The thing to remember is patience (pour the oil sloooooooooooowly whilst blending), and if using a stick blender, stick it all the way down the jar then blend. I use a regular blender now because I burnt out my stick blender but the first time I made mayo was in a stick blender and it worked perfectly. 

Another top tip – use mustard powder over readymade if you don’t get a good consistency. It’s weird because it shouldn’t make a difference but sometimes it does! 

All that aside, this is really a quick and easy recipe but it is an emulsion and as such, there are sometimes issues! Just google ‘how to fix thin homemade mayo’ or ‘help my mayo has split’ and you’ll see just how much advice comes up! So if you get it wrong, don’t be despondent – you can try fix it! 


Recipe for Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise

Yield: approx 250-300g 

What you need

1 large egg 

1 – 2 tblspn lemon juice 

1 tspn dry mustard powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup plus 1/2 cup light / extra light-tasting olive oil or avocado oil

What you need to do

In a regular blender: 

1. Gather your ingredients. 

2. Add the egg, lemon juice, mustard powder, and 1/4 cup of oil into the blender.

3. Blend! Add the rest of the oil slowly – I mean really slowly, like a steady dripping of oil – through the funnel (you may not need all of the oil – check the consistency after 1/2 cup has been blended in, and add more only if needed. If it’s too thin, you may need slightly more oil and keep blending!). 

4. This is what it should look like. Velvety smooth …! 

5. Decant into your storage jar, refrigerate, and enjoy! (*Remember to use up within a week of the eggs ‘best before’ date*) 


For an immersion/stick blender:

Using an immersion blender, throw it all in,  stick the blender right to the bottom of the jar, give it a whirl and in about a minute,  you’ve made yourself some mayo. Tuna salad, here I come! 

 There are variations that you can play around with and use this as a dressings or sauce – check out my  Lamb salad with avocado mayo or Lemon and poppyseed mayo for an idea, or you can throw in lemon and garlic for an aioli, or chilli for a peri-naise… It’s up to you! 

Paleo mayonnaise

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10 thoughts on “Homemade Mayonnaise [Paleo, Sugar free]

  1. Hi Melissa I made your mayo on Sunday but mine did not work out. Do you use the whole egg or just the egg yolk? I also used avo oil instead of the one that you used. I also used the nutri bullet to make the avo in. Can you please help because I was so disappointed that I don’t want to make it again because the avo oil quite expensive.


    • Hi Janet – there are a few ‘fixes’ that I’ve seen online for when homemade mayo doesn’t quite work: how to remedy it would depend on what happened: has it separated? Is it too thin? I use a whole egg (either X-Large or Jumbo). And all the ingredients must be at room temperature. I’ve only ever made this in an immersion or normal blender so not sure if that makes a difference (shouldn’t think it would though). Let me know exactly what the problem is then we can try fix it. Thanks!


  2. hi Melissa,

    I have a big problem making this mayo and this is really not acceptable to me because I love Mayo and the fact that I have try 3 times now with no luck is just sad. what am I doing wrong… I add about a cup of olive oil, teaspoon of English mustard the wet one not powder, 3 table spoons lemon juice from a bottle not fresh, dash of salt and pepper sometimes and on the first try I used two yolks, then second try I tried a whole egg and extra yolk and last time I tried two eggs… so at first and second time I used an electric mixer not blander then was advised to use a stick blender but I see on you site you used the jug one so I tried again yesterday still not happening, it just comes out like a salad dressing… what am I doing wrong? does the egg need to be old or what is it that you see as maybe doing it wrong?


    • Hi Ayanda, I just need to clarify – have you followed this exact recipe first and then started playing around with the ingredients? This recipe calls for one whole egg, 1/2 tspn mustard, 2 tblspns fresh lemon juice, and you start with 1/4 cup of olive oil, and whilst mixing, add about 1/2 – 3/4 cup more slowly… Is this what you’ve been doing and getting bad results? Your egg (large) and lemon must be at room temperature too – as stated in the recipe. I’ve used both a stick blender and a regular blender and have not had a flopped mayo (and I make a batch twice weekly!).

      You do need to start with room temperature ingredients, and you’re adding too much mustard, lemon juice and olive oil – this is thinning out your mayo. Also, only add 1/4 cup olive oil first and only when blending (as the blender is going) do you slowly drizzle the rest of the oil in).

      Please let me know if you followed the exact steps in this recipe first and had an issue 3 times?



      • hi Meltypal,

        I followed the recipe as is. still got the same results really frustrating so i kind of have taken a chill back on the Mayo for now


      • Oh gosh, Ayanda, it’s equally frustrating to hear because I really don’t know where it’s going wrong. I did a video for someone else to show exactly what I’ve done and just how simple this is. I think I am going to do a video tutorial on my blog for this.

        Have you tried to fix it using any of the hacks available online? Such as whisking another egg yolk? Or adding a bit more oil (I’ve found once when my mayo was still just a touch too liquid that extra bit of oil emulsified it properly).



  3. Thank you soooooo much for this recipe! I tried it tonight and it is delish. However I misread the mustard powder and added a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon, but it still came out beautifully… just a little spicy. My Hubby couldn’t believe that I made mayo in just a couple of minutes. Anyway love the blog, going to try all the recipes soon…


    • That’s fantastic, Michelle! So glad you like it. Now you can experiment with different flavours too 🙂 It is amazing how quick it all comes together. Love it! Enjoy…


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