REBOOT: V4 Day 3/30

It’s almost noon, I’m already halfway through Day 3 and oh my goodness this headache has completely and utterly flattened me. I knew the ‘low-carb flu’ would be bad (or so I’ve read) but whoa boy. Nothing has prepared me for this – ok, maybe not nothing because I have lived through migraines in the past so I know I’m being dramatic but you get what I’m saying. It’s taken me by surprise. That’s all. And it sucks. The weather out there is beyond miserable, I’m cold and cranky, and also feeling so damn blah. A quick google of ‘paleo detox symptoms’ and I guess this is all normal though what I didn’t like was that it could last a few weeks whilst my body adjusts to a new way of releasing energy, from quick and easy digesting of carbs to actually burning fat (which is what I’m waiting for). Right now, this doesn’t feel good. All I’ve got to keep me going is the knowledge that nothing in life is constant so neither will this headache last forever. I hope. 

Despite feeling like rap with a ‘c’ prefix, I did manage to get a pretty awesome breakfast in this morning. (Ugh, even typing is making my brain throb!) I could not bear to eat eggs again so it was a matter of the chicken coming before the egg today. I grilled some brinjal (aubergine) slices, shredded 2 small chicken thigh pieces and mixed with fresh chopped green chilli and my homemade mayo, and created one truly delicious brandwich (get it? Brinjal sandwich? Oh nevermind, I have a squeezed brain situation going on here, ok!?!?) Lame food naming aside, this was one of my favourite dishes so far and it would work for any meal, any time. Prepping the brinjals takes some time so do it in advance and refrigerate (if I’d have taken my own advice I wouldn’t have been slumped over the kitchen counter and stove this morning with this god awful head-pounding making me feel more nauseous than when I suffered with hyperemesis when pregnant – oh yes, that was a joy and then some).


Wow, ain’t that a beauty? With leftover brinjal slices already prepared, lunch is going to look very much similar!

A little later 

Just had lunch (and it looked nothing like breakfast) and I feel so much better… Though that might have something to do with the 2 paracetamols I took. It was too bad and I couldn’t tough it out. Did a bit of research and I need to do some shopping for avos, salmon and nuts. I should have all of this already but I’m not very prepared this week! If I up my potassium and magnesium intake, I should be able to curb these symptoms.

Since I had an insane craving for cucumber with lemon juice, I decided to prepare this for lunch – leftover chicken thigh, gem squash, and cucumber with chilli and lemon. I’m glad I listened to my body because it was so satisfying and refreshing. I’m completely satiated. Bliss! 

 By the way, I know I should be exercising but for this week my focus is on getting my eating right, after which I’ll start with the exercise. And then I might give up. Or die. I’m not sure I remember how to exercise. Oh well, that’s a problem for next week!


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