REBOOT: V4 Day 4/30

 The sun’s out, the chill in the air isn’t quite so damaging, I don’t have a headache, and I feel … How can I put it … light? Yes, light. Now I don’t know if this is due to the sunshine (though I suspect it is exactly this) or the fact that my body is adjusting already (seems a bit soon, don’t you think?). So let’s just say it’s the sunshine for now and I’m probably going to need to emigrate to a place that never experiences winter. Yeah, that should work. Then I’ll be happy and positive all the time, surely ? I mentioned this to my husband and within about 3 seconds, I received an email back from him with a map of the ‘sunshine hours’ of countries. I’m told the ‘green’ areas are best. I happen to live in a ‘green area’ so I’m not sure this is going to help much. I guess I will have to live with just 300-odd days of sunshine per year then, and be a miserable bitch for the remaining 65.242. Good luck to you during leap years. Did I mention I was feeling light ??! Coz now I sound like that should read ‘high‘! 

Back to today, sitting here on this glorious sunshiny, wintry day. Dinner last night was just not enough to write about, so I didn’t. It was clean (for some reason I got a flashback to a line from the Fifty Shades movie when Anna describes Christian as ‘clean’ when Kate asks her about the interview. Oh I know you know what I’m talking about so don’t even try it!). Anyway, hmm, it’s a bit warmer in here, must be the sunshine … So back to dinner last night, I had another gem squash and the leftover brinjal slices, with cucumber. I could not bear more chicken nor was I inclined to cook. I didn’t even feel that hungry so I had a teaspoon of macadamia nut butter and that was that. 

This morning however I had a craving. I’d think I was pregnant again if I didn’t know any better. It was such a strong craving and again, I listened to my body. I cannot describe how utterly delectable this was. Not sure if it’ll be up everyone’s alley – especially for breakfast – but mmmhmmmm …. Just look! 

 Chicken livers ‘peri-peri’ on a bed of shredded lettuce, with half a grapefruit. The colours are so vibrant and appetizing, the combination of smooth, spicy, heady livers with the cool crunch of the lettuce, finished with the tart sweetness of the grapefruit, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed breakfast this much since, well, my chicken mayo brandwich yesterday. It hit just the right spot and I can’t wait to tuck into this again, and again, and again! Ok maybe not too much because they are high in cholesterol but they’re also packing a punch with vitamins and nutrients that my body seems to want. Plus they’re cheap. It’s a winning combination really. 

As for the exercise – so I found a few home workouts on youtube that I will try. I can’t do anything that requires too much jumping (I broke my foot 3 months ago and it’s a bit fragile to warrant that sort of abuse this soon after healing and allowing me to walk on my own two feet again… It deserves some respect. So I will take it slow and probably do some yoga and Pilates). I do however want to give burpees a good go. It has been many years since I put myself through self-inflicted torture in this way but I think it will be really beneficial. I thought about starting with 30 seconds, seeing how many I can do in that time, and slowly building up from there. I also have 1.5kg weights that I will incorporate into my workout because bingo wings ain’t a friend of mine and I’m quite ready to say goodbye. My main areas of concern are my ‘mummy tummy’ and thighs, and the last thing I want to is bulk up. I have looked at Tracy Anderson videos but they seem so complicated! I am not very coordinated and I’m left sweaty and heaving from trying to remember the sequences rather than from actually doing anything. I also know that I’m the queen of procrastination and that trawling for exercise videos is as good an excuse as any to not actually do any exercise – see? I can also be self-aware when I want to be. So I’m going to do it. Right now. Yes, no more typing, just going. 

Staring at blinking cursor. But going. Getting up now. Ok… Gone —>

Oh wait! Before I go, I also made date paste this morning. Someone mentioned mixing a teaspoon of it into coffee so I tried it. It does sweeten the coffee so it was a great treat. I didn’t really like dates but my tastes are changing so I’m excited about trying out some ‘raw brownies’ at some point. 

Oh for goodness sake – I’m going to exercise NOW! 


I worked out. Holy mother of … I am so unfit. I did a 10 minute cardio workout and it felt like I was swallowing my heart with each breath because if was pumping so hard that I was convinced I’d just puke it out with the way I was heaving. Then I did some arm exercises and a few minutes of abs. Ok, it’s not much but it’s a start. Then I went on to do a hour or so of household chores so that’s got to count for something!  

I couldn’t resist – so it was livers with cauli rice, and sambals. It was quick because I bought prepacked cauli rice (it’s highly unnecessary but if was certainly convenient!) so all I needed to do was cook it and make the sambals. Took all of 6 minutes to prepare lunch. 

I’ve now got a heap of ironing to get through … How many calories will that burn? I did what I do best and googled it. Turns out 30 minutes or ironing burns 70 calories. Now that’s awesome because 1 cup of cauli rice is 25 calories. Brilliant! So between and hour of sweeping, mopping and dusting, and cleaning, and then another hour and a half of ironing,  I’ll have managed to burn around 350-400 calories! This is very encouraging indeed. All of a sudden ironing isn’t sounding quite so bad … Almost. 


 Mince with leftover cauli rice and sambals. It was a cold night and thia ‘chilli and rice’ was just perfect.  


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