REBOOT: V4 Day 5/30

A sixth of the way through! Yeah baby!! I am feelin’ goooooood!    

It was back to scrambled eggs this morning, served with a mushroom, spring onion, tomato, and chilli relish, and a bowl of grapefruit (I know, it looks unnaturally fuscia in the pic … I don’t know why…).
I haven’t had a headache today as yet, though I must drink some water (I’ve been battling to keep up with my water intake). I have however had a weird ‘fuzzy head’ and felt a bit dizzy. Will have to keep an eye on this and look into what I’m potentially lacking. I must admit, I came very close to having a wobble last night with a glass of wine, but I opted for sparkling water (in a wine glass) instead. It’s all about those little victories that later on add up to a bigger victory. 



Braised lamb with cauli rice, and a cucumber & tomato salad. Nom nom! I was a bit heavy handed with the chilli powder but it suited me just fine! I also braised the lamb in a bit of ghee and it enhanced the flavour greatly, giving it a richness and depth that is just so satisfying. 


 Leftover lamb from lunch, with spiced pumpkin, and a lettuce and cucumber salad. The pumpkin was sautéed in a bit of ghee, with garlic, mustard seeds, dried red chillies, and cinnamon (this makes the sweetness of the pumpkin just explode on your tongue). I feel stuffed ! 


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