REBOOT: V4 Day 6/30

This is actually starting to feel, dare I say it, easier. I am certainly sleeping better, and have also noticed that I’m not hitting that 3pm slump that has me gagging for something sugary. 

Breakfast today was eggs, bacon and tomato – no pic because I ate out and forgot to take a pic. The ‘Red Americano’ coffee was absolutely fabulous. I didn’t miss the milk or sugar one bit. 

Lunch was out of this world.

I pan fried trout, with a dill, lemon, and garlic butter (ghee). Served on a bed of lettuce and tossed with cucumber, and 1/4 grapefruit, it was just heavenly. If this is what it takes to get healthy, feel alive, and lose weight… I’m all for it! None of that boiled, bland, low fat nonsense ! 

I did about an hour and a half of chores, and 15 minutes of cardio today. Squat jumps are actually becoming my favourite exercise (compared to burpees, hell, anything is better!). I also did some ab work and boy can I feel it. The ache!! I’m just encouraged by the fact that my jeans feel a little less like a sausage casing and my tummy isn’t bloated. My skin is already looking brighter (I started using Environ products on the same day that I started the detox so this could be due to both these factors). I also managed to drink a fair amount of water as well as enjoying an almond milk chai latte… which I made (I also hand painted the cup & saucer but that was a while ago!). 


I’ve not ever bought almond milk before, let alone have it in chai or anything else. I was a bit apprehensive to use a milk alternative because I want to break those old habits, however I think I can deal with the odd chai latte … And I am going to try it in my coffee tomorrow morning too. 

It was a bit of a treat but dinner was a sashimi salad from my favourite sushi takeaway. Look at this beauty ! 

 Seared salmon, with avo, served on shredded cucumber. Oh. My. Word. I did not even miss the glass of wine that I usually have with sushi. It was just … just … Mmmmm nom nom !! 

Ouch ! Just stretched my legs and owwweeee! The results of all those squat jumps is clearly felt. This can only be a good thing. Immediate gratification this is not, but I know the results will come and they’ll be in direct proportion to the effort I put in. This is 100% in my hands, and I have absolute control over what I eat, how much I exercise (or not), and thus how much I get out of this experience. Whether I will continue as strictly further than the 30 days, I’m not sure. I think it’s far too early for me to know but if this is what it feels like after just 6 days, imagine 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years!? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here… 24 days to go, this time around! 

I think it’s time for my Saturday night to begin … That can only mean that the kids are asleep so it’s time to shower, make a hot cup of Green Rooibos Chai, and reach for my Kindle for an equally steamy book (haha! Yep, ya got me!). 


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