Cashew Nut Butter

This was my first time making my own nut butter, and what a thrilling experience it was. I do get overly excited about these things but life is all about simple pleasures and being happy, right? The process is really simple but does require some patience as it can take around 20 minutes for the butter to come together. 

What you need: 

1 cup raw cashews

Pinch of Himalayan fine salt 

(I’ve seen a recipe that required vanilla powder so that could be added too, depending on your taste)

What you need to do: 

1. Put the ingredients into your mixer/food processor. 

(I used a hand blender for this though I must admit I was worried that the motor would burn out! Small quantities can be done, but with plenty of breaks in between. I’m on the hunt for a great, reasonably priced food processor now, especially since I plan on making a lot more of my own sauces, butters, etc.)

2. Mix. And mix. And then mix some more. 

3. You think you’re done mixing? Think again. That’s right, mix away! 

4. You’re probably going to need to scrape down the sides at some point. Then mix. 

5. By now you’re thinking, ‘this is too dry, let me add some liquid’ – to which I’ll say, ‘Noooooo! Wait! The magic’s about to happen!’ And it does. Oh yeah, and it’s amazing. 

It’s an easy as that. I’m looking forward to making a creamed spinach dish that I came across that uses cashew nut butter, later today. 



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