REBOOT: V4 Day 7/30 

I’m a day late posting this but my entire family has the flu, and since I’m the only one who’s thus far managed to stay ‘free-from’ (haha!) this nastiness, I’m looking after them all (for a change…not!). 

It was a pretty easy going day otherwise, and I managed to get the most tantalizing spinach dish prepared. I also made some cashew nut butter! Me! So this means anyone can do it… And it’s dead simple. The recipe is here


 Not the prettiest looking thing but that’s because me and omelettes do not get along. So the chunk of protein is leftover mince, scrambled with two eggs, served with leftover pumpkin, and half an avo. 


 Oh my word, that cashew nut creamed spinach is something to treasure. I got the recipe from the Naturally Nutritious Living blog. Holy smokes. Heaven and then some. As you can see, more leftover pumpkin and some steak. But seriously, that spinach… So glad I have some leftover …. 


 I had no idea what I was doing here. I prepared some cauli rice, then decided to fry some bacon, after which I thought that a stir fry would be great. So in the same pan in which I fried the bacon, with all those delicious crusty bits, I added a chopped chilli, garlic, 4 button mushrooms and carrots. I fried these and then added the cauli rice, and a touch of water, and stir fried for about 3 minutes, just to bring it all together. I plated that up, threw on some steamed broccoli and bacon, and that was dinner. I don’t know where it came from because I honestly had no idea where it was going, but it worked out really well. My non-paleo husband didn’t even realising he was eating cauli rice (he hates the stuff), that’s how good it was. Then again, anything cooked with bacon, and in bacon fat, is going to be delicious! 

For some reason I had a coffee craving at around 7pm. I tend to stick to my one cuppa in the morning only but thought oh what the heck, let me try something out. Someone on a forum mentioned adding nut butter along with coconut milk and ghee to your coffee. I’ve not tried it this way before so decided to make myself a cup. I used a teaspoon of macadamia nut butter, about 3 tablespoons of coconut milk but left out the ghee. It was YUCK. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m sticking to black coffee. 


It looks great, nice and creamy, and I know people do enjoy this, so I don’t mean to offend anyone, but this is not for me. Maybe with time my tastes will adjust but, for now, I can’t stomach it at all. 

Day 7 done. Wow… I’m starting to feel that I really can do this. 


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