REBOOT: V4 Day 8/30

Today was just AWESOME and that’s because I discovered how to make these outstandingly mouthwatering sweet potato pies. I was craving sweetness and these little golden cups of joy are bursting with just that (so much so that all I could taste was milk tart!). 

The day began with an open brandwich. 

Boiled egg, bacon, paleo mayo, dill, and avo. Nothing fancy but I quite like simple. Simple is good. Simple is also easy and quick. Better. Plus, bacon and eggs? C’mon, there’s no going wrong with that! 



So there it is – leftover steak and cashew creamed spinach with a sweet potato pie. I went on a very vigorous walk, which consisted of predominantly uphill walking, after this meal! 


Due to the phenomenon that is ‘loadshedding’, I could not get a pic of my dinner… Candlelight isn’t very flattering for food photography. I made a spiced cauli rice, served with roast chicken pieces, and steamed courgettes. Sparkling water with a slice of lemon (in a wine glass of course!) accompanied my meal.

Apart from the great food, the fact that I’m moving and exercising and feeling motivated to do so, this for me is the best part of it all. The sedentary lifestyle that required constant sugar-fixes, and thus the inevitable sugar-slumps, is one I really can do without. I want to be able to continue eating clean though perhaps on the odd dinner out or something be able to enjoy a glass of wine or a creamy pepper sauce with my steak (although after trying the cashew spinach I really don’t think I’m missing anything!). I love how treating my body with the respect it deserves has changed my thinking about what goes into it. Just the thought of wolfing down a slice of cake or a chunk of chocolate is off-putting. Sitting on the couch and watching tv is equally off-putting. I feel alive again, even if it’s just getting the chores done with enthusiasm and energy rather than a 20km run, I’m just pleased that the transformation has begun. 


2 thoughts on “REBOOT: V4 Day 8/30

  1. I just love reading your blog!! It keeps me from cheating and I can honestly relate. I am not one for cooking but after reading these posts, i cant help but get excited to get in the kitchen! Thank you for sharing your story! 🙂


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