REBOOT: V4 Day 10/30

Double digits!!! Yay!!! 

Pheweeeee! I am sore as hell after working out but it’s getting better… Or maybe I’m just getting used to the pain!!  

I actually look forward to it! This took me by surprise late in the afternoon when I found myself doing a cardio workout because I was tired and needed a boost! Before, I’d have just had a sugar-laiden cup of tea or coffee and grumped around the place. Progress! 

Food is starting to become less of an issue – I just get on with it. I had scrambled eggs and smoked trout for breakfast (no pic), and a black coffee. I had an appointment at 9am so this was the ideal ‘fast food’. I didn’t feel hungry all morning and only ate lunch after 2pm. 


That’s chicken and paleo mayo, sitting atop a bed of crisp lettuce, with avo, and chopped pecan nuts. This was so good!!! 
Dinner was a lamb curry and cauli rice, with leftover wilted spinach. 

 One thing I do need to do (still) is up my water intake. I am definitely struggling with this. I wake up feeling like I had a hard night out! I’ve got to keep reminding myself to drink water. With this chilly weather, it’s the last thing I want but I can’t keep waking up feeling like a train wreck!  


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