REBOOT: V4 Day 11/30

 Today was all about quick and easy meals because I had a lot of other stuff to do and could not spend ages in the kitchen. 

Scrambled eggs, avo, and grapefruit. I cooked the eggs in ghee and they were delicious!


Then I went and did this. It’s a sure way to drink enough water because I added one chilli too many and oh my goodness … It hurt!!! Very tasty and satisfying, but ouch!  

A very easy spiced butternut soup, served with chicken livers. It was all spicy, all consuming, and all gone in about 3 seconds! 


 Yep, easiest dinner yet – leftover butternut soup.  

I reeeeeeeeeally wanted a glass of wine tonight. Just a nice red, sitting next to the heater, curled up with a book. It was difficult to get a glass of water down in this cold but I did it. I’m proud of that achievement ! Along with exercising and actually following through with this, I’m starting to realise that I am capable once I set my mind to it. I also realise that I will let no-one but myself down if I screw up. I’m accountable to only me and that’s a great lesson for life too. 


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