REBOOT: V4 Day 12/30

What a brilliant breakfast !  

Spicy chicken livers, served with paleo microwave bread (which I drizzled with a touch of olive oil and toasted on a frying pan…yum!). 


 This is my ‘I can’t even think about food because I’m way too tired from chasing a toddler’ lunch. Tuna mixed with paleo mayo, tossed with lettuce, chilli and cucumber. Lemon and pepper for seasoning. And that was that. 

Now… I do wish I had pics because it was lovely. We are out at my favourite restaurant. Great, right? Uhm, wrong! This place is known for it’s sushi and wine. Yep, temptation everywhere!!!! So I landed up having a salmon sashimi platter and beef tataki.  The tataki was soooooooo ginger-y that I must’ve smelled foul for miles!!! I had sparkling water with lemon as my drink… It was so very tempting to just throw in the towel and have my fave rock shrimp tempura and a glass of bubbly but I actually did it!!! My husband was super supportive too and encouraged me to not give in because he could see that it was tough! He knows how much I love that place! It was a victory indeed! 


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