REBOOT: V4 Day 13/30

I skipped breakfast today. Well, not skipped but I just wasn’t hungry. I made myself a cup of coffee, with coconut cream, vanilla, and cinnamon … It smelled sooo good that it felt like a treat. I then get busy with the usual chores and completely lost track of time. I know it’s not good to not eat, but I truly wasn’t hungry. That’s one thing I’m trying to do – and that’s to eat when I am hungry.  Enter lunch



Pretty similar to yesterday in that I was not up to cooking (it does happen!). So tuna, pecans, scraps of cashews, avo, lettuce, chilli, coriander, and paleo mayo. As you can see, whatever I had lying around was thrown onto the plate! It was very filling and very tasty though. 


 That’s right… Deeeeevine! Chicken breast wrapped in bacon… And what’s that on it, you ask? Why, that would be a creamy pepper sauce! Oh yes,  I made a cashew pepper sauce (inspired by the creamed spinach recipe) and wow… Just wow. 

The whole family ate this meal so it was an easy evening for me (food wise at least!). The kids love sweet potato so the chips went down a treat. Gem squash has suddenly become very sweet to me, and these didn’t disappoint. All in all, an amazing dinner. 
The water intake today was not very good, so that needs some working on. I am however starting to feel like my clothing is fitting a bit better. I have not weighed myself at all ( because I don’t own a scale, nor do I want to own one) so I can only go by what I look and feel like. My tummy is not bloated anymore at all and that has made the world of difference in terms of how I look. In turn, that makes me feel motivated to keep going and hopefully I can lose the weight, feel great and finally start feeling like me again! 


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