REBOOT: V4 Day 14/30

I had errands to run so decided to start the day with a proper breakfast.  

Boiled eggs, onion and tomato chutney, paleo mayo, avo, and grapefruit.  


Lunch was completely forgotten about. I was rushing around like a crazy person and when I got home at 3pm, only then did I realise that I’d not eaten. So I made some vanilla chai, and had a seeded cracker with macadamia nut butter. Oh sweet heaven, this snack was incredible. So good in fact that I found myself wanting more… And more… And more… You get the idea! I had to really force myself to not have more than one!


Butternut soup as a side dish, lamb chops chutney on cauli rice, with a watercress, rocket, and spinach salad. That chops chutney was incredible. I had seconds. My husband had seconds and thirds. Just really amazing! 



5 thoughts on “REBOOT: V4 Day 14/30

      • That sent without the ‘method’ – sorry!

        Fry onions in a little oil, until softened.
        Add tomatoes. Lower heat, season, add chilli if using, and allow to simmer until the tomatoes have softened (around 10 minutes).

        That’s it!

        Enjoy 🙂


  1. Now I feel so dah.. you make your meals look so much more complicated than what they actually are!! (That’s a compliment!)


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