REBOOT: V4 Day 19/30

I’m finding myself less and less hungry in the mornings, and not sure this is a good thing. I made some egg muffins (ok, I made what we’re supposed to be egg muffins but I call them ‘mutant muffins’ instead because they were a disaster!). 


Bacon and egg muffins   
See what I mean?! They all but exploded in the oven. It’s the second time I’ve made these and the first time must have been beginner’s luck because those were perfect! Anyway, they tasted good, I had 2 of them, so not much to complain about other than looks. And we all know it’s what inside that counts. Got it??


Yep, there’s a distinct lack of a midday meal. I don’t know – I’m just not hungry! But by 5pm, I was ready for my dinner. Zoodle bolognaise! So yummy, so satisfying, and so comforting. Absolutely perfect. 

Wow – the last of the ‘teen’ days! Hopefully it means my mood will improve too 😉 


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