REBOOT: V4 Day 20/30

A busy day that started with meeting old neighbours for breakfast at a local farmer’s market. I ended up having just a black coffee. There was a lot on offer, but I couldn’t have most of it! I wasn’t too hungry so didn’t mind. Watching everyone tuck in to pastries and cookies and lattes was another matter entirely! 


 Yep, that’s all I could manage. In between running around, I just had brinjals and leftover mince.


 Pork fillet, pumpkin, and salad. 

The mood hasn’t improved. I have short bursts of frustration and it’s really annoying – to me and to everyone around me!! Is it the lack of carbs? I don’t know, maybe it’s hormonal. Let’s see how we get on over the next few days. Gosh, just over a week left. Can’t believe it !  


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