REBOOT: V4 Day 21/30

It’s Father’s Day! 


This was so filling. Brandwich, with boiled egg, mayo, and spring onion, served with grilled tomato, and mushrooms. 

I skipped lunch again. I’m really positive this is a hormonal thing. My moodiness, lack of hunger, and feeling generally ‘ugh’ is just hard to ignore. Maybe it’s because I’m not eating enough, but I feel tired and just not in the mood to cook. Plus with all the chores and things that I need to do, I don’t have the extra time and energy to spend hours preparing meals. I’m actually getting bored of the food. I had a handful of cashews, that was about it! I don’t know if I can sustain this at this level for longer than the 30 days. I feel miserable! I am so tempted to reach into the cupboard and grab a pack of biscuits and make a sweet, milky tea. I won’t though. I promised myself I’d do the 30 days, and I will. Just 9 more days. Why does that feel like a lifetime right now? 

Late lunch

After that big breakfast, it wasn’t until 3:30pm that I felt a tad hungry. 

  Seeded cracker with tuna salad. 

At around 5:30pm, I hit a slump. I was feeling lethargic, moody, and aching to grab something sugary and loaded with carbs. So I exercised instead! I know, this was quite something. Youtube has great videos, and I chose a 30 minute ‘Biggest Loser’ workout. It did the trick because I felt so much better after busting my ass through this workout!


This was also later than I normally have dinner but it was definitely worth the wait! My favourite meal…ever.   

Lamb curry, cauli rice, sambals. 


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