REBOOT: V4 Day 24/30

I don’t think I can write too much about this day because I spent most of it cleaning. Not just the usual clean-till-it’s-good-enough… I mean move-furniture-and-deep-clean cleaning. Took me about four hours. I even rearranged the kids’ bedroom! I think it was this amazing breakfast that gave me a much needed boost. 



Eggs scrambled with green pepper, on tomato and chilli, with smoked trout ribbons. Boy, was this good!


So this was lunch. Yep – I could not be bothered to cook, actually, I just didn’t make the time. So it was a leftover patty (which qualified more as a meatball…) on brinjal, with butternut.



Spicy tuna fish cakes on a chunky veggie soup. Not my favourite meal but it did the job. 


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