REBOOT: V4 Day 29/30

Did I just type in day 29!!!!??? How ?!? Really!?!? I cannot believe it. When I started this journey that title seemed like a lifetime away! 


 It’s the beginning of the school holidays so I thought I’d treat my kids to some crepes for breakfast. They didn’t even realise that these weren’t the regular ones – I made these with almond flour. Served with 2 chopped strawberries, roasted almonds, fresh mint, and a drizzle of my homemade coconut milk. Yum! 

I skipped lunch – been feeling slightly under the weather and wasn’t hungry.  


Dinner was the leftover cottage pie from last night. 

After dinner, I really craved something sweet. I had made some date paste earlier in the day so just got in the kitchen and started adding things to a bowl. I added carob powder, cashew nut butter (also made earlier), vanilla extract, and crushed almonds to the date paste – and I landed up with a smooth, chocolatey but not sickeningly sweet, spread. 
 On half a slice of seeded toast, yeah, it curbed the craving really nicely! This is definitely a treat worth savouring!  


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