REBOOT: V4 Day 30/30

Wowwwweeeeee!!!! I cannot believe I made it to the end (or is it the beginning?)!! I feel as though the days have flown by but on the other hand, it feels like fffooorrrrrrreverrr since I began. So what have I learnt? It would be a waste of time and energy if I’d gotten to this point without learning or gaining (except weight, we definitely don’t want to gain any of that!). 

Well, it’s inevitable that today would be a day of reflection. Looking back. Seeing how far I’ve come. Perhaps on the outside I don’t look as drastically different – it’s expected after only 30 days! Though there is a visible difference in the shape of my body, my tummy is way flatter than it was before (the loose saggy mummy tummy is evident but there is no bloating). I know my face has lost it’s plumpness and my jawline is sharper. Yes, and I’m having a moment of silence for the loss of my boobs. I didn’t have that much to begin with so have some respect and shush! 

*heads bowed in silence* 

Thank you. 

So, where was I!? Right, the changes, the lessons. I think these 30 days were about changing my mindset about me and where I fit in my life. As a busy mum, I tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own. This change isn’t about selfishness, but about a sense of self. Making myself a priority again on my long to-do list not only allows me to grow and improve myself, but also increases my self respect and worth… Something that my kids can definitely learn from and apply to themselves as they grow up. 

I’m so happy and proud of myself that I actually stuck with it. I had bad days but I got through them. The good days helped spur me on. The in-between days showed me that I indeed had the motivation and desire to really do this for myself, and by doing it for me, I ultimately did it for them too (my family, that is – not the omnipotent ‘they’ and ‘them’ we sometimes refer to in life!). 


 This was a treat and a half. That bread is exceptional! Keto buns filled with scrambled eggs, spinach, and topped with mayo, and a side of half an avo. 
Lunch was more cottage pie … I don’t think I’ll be eating cottage pie for a while!! There was a small piece left so I just finished that instead of preparing anything else. I’ve got some chicken livers in the fridge which I’m thinking of making for dinner. 

Some of my motivation for these thirty days. I’m a sucker for a good quote !  


 Nothing fancy but one of my favourites – spicy chicken livers with rocket and coriander. You can find the recipe for the chicken livers here

So what now? My husband asked if this marks the beginning of me being lacto/alco/carbo paleo!! I think I want to add some milk, maybe cheese every so often, and definitely allow myself a glass of wine on occasion. So I guess I’d be lacto/alco paleo!?! Is there such a thing!!? 

What an amazing feeling – I started something, and I finished it. 30 days… It’s just 30 days. And it can change your life – if you let it. 


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