Paleo Carob ‘Choc’ flapjacks 

I had an insane chocolate craving and went straight into the kitchen and started throwing things together. The result: oooooooooh yeah! These pancakes/flapjacks were just what I needed and curbed that craving before I reached for the Cadbury’s (yes, temptation remains). 


I decided to make a bigger batch so that the entire family could indulge in what can only be described as utter decadence. It was clearly a resounding success because the kids (and the husband) wanted seconds … And thirds! 

What you need

2 eggs (I use X-Large or Jumbo eggs)

2 tblspns coconut flour

1 tblspn tapioca flour

1.5 tspns carob powder 

1 tspn date paste 

1 tspn baking powder

(If you find the batter is still too runny, add a tspn of cashew nut butter)

What you need to do

1. Beat eggs well. 

2. Add date paste and whisk it in to the eggs. 

3. Add dry ingredients. Mix well. 


4. Make sure that everything is well combined. (If too runny, add nut butter at this point.) 


5. Using a small ice cream scoop, ladle into hot pan coated with a bit of coconut oil/ghee. 

6. Cook on both sides.


Done!! Serve with fresh fruit, maple syrup, roasted almonds… Whatever you like!


You won’t be sorry you tried!!  


8 thoughts on “Paleo Carob ‘Choc’ flapjacks 

    • Maple syrup isn’t allowed on REBOOT. It is considered ‘paleo friendly’ however when not Rebooting. Some coconut cream and toasted almond flakes, along with some berries/banana would work. Or bake apple pieces with cinnamon powder and top the pancakes with that for added sweetness. Hope that helps!


  1. This looks and sounds AMAZING! I can’t wait to try it! I’ve only been LCHF for about 2 weeks now, after 14-months of the complete opposite… Certainly excited to know there are safe treats to be made 😉


    • They are really delish 😉 Take a look around – there are a few ‘clean cheats’ recipes lurking about! All my recipes are paleo, REBOOT, friendly but you can adapt them to be LCHF meals by using butter/full fat milk/ fresh cream etc instead of ghee/coconut milk/coconut cream and so on. All the best to you and thanks for reading !

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