Do it for YOU 

With any decision in life comes consequences, action-reaction, whatever you want to call it. There’s no better time than the present to make that decision to improve yourself – not because you aren’t amazing as you are, of course not! The reason I say that is because this journey with which we’ve been blessed is filled with so much more than we could ever imagine. It’s all at our finger tips – we’ve just got to tap into it to harness it. No, I’m not going all esoteric and airy-fairy. I’m just stating a fact that I’ve come to see as truth for myself. I’ll tell you why. 

Making the decision to put myself first has given me the time, energy, inclination, and desire to be more present and involved with everyone else. So nobody comes ‘second’ or ‘third’ … (A very wise friend drew my attention to this). How has this translated to my day-to-day? Well, I have more energy and patience for my kids, I’m not grumpy and hitting a sugar-low late afternoon so I’m no longer reaching for the bad stuff, I have found that my passion for food and writing are not mutually exclusive and by engaging with people about these things, I learn so much more about them! All round, my life has turned up a notch or two – it literally feels like a lightbulb’s been switched on. 

The fallacy whereby ‘putting myself first’ means I’m selfish and have no time for anyone else could not be further from the truth. It’s the exact opposite. I’ve learnt that by being passionate about something, by pushing your own boundaries, by showing people that you love and respect yourself enough to take care of your nutrition and health, you are suddenly a much more interesting, welcoming, and beautiful person. It shines through every pore and the best part? You could unintentionally touch the life of someone who is stuck and trying to find their way, and by you being open and honest about your journey, you could motivate that person to start theirs.

So don’t give up. It gets really hard along this road but the further along you go, you’ll eventually stop looking back – there’s nothing there for you. Keep focused, stay strong, remain committed, and jump over the hurdles, smash the obstacles, scream through the pain… It’s all so very worth it. To look in the mirror and see your reflection match what you see yourself as on the inside is worth it. 


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