It’s 30 days … AGAIN! REBOOT V5

Well dagnabbit, I’m hooked ! After completing the previous 30 day challenge, and getting some great results, I took a few days off – didn’t really binge or eat anything I shouldn’t have, well, apart from some rock shrimp tempura at my face sushi restaurant, and a glass (or 2…) of some fantastic red wine on my husband’s birthday. I’ve pretty much stuck to eating clean although the training was a lot less dirty! I have lost weight, if the reflection in the mirror as well as looser clothes are anything to go by. I wonder if I really should start weighing/measuring myself so I can quantify my results. People seem so hung up on the numbers – I guess it’s a great marketing tool …  So-and-so lost 50kgs … What’s-his-name lost 100cm… You know, numbers like that sell your product, your philosophy, and people want miracles so they buy into it. No one really cares when you say, ‘Ooh, my jeans are looser!’ They want to know how many kilos down. For now, it’ll just have to be a number free zone for me. There was a time when I was hung up on those numbers, and treated my body unhealthily and disrespectfully when trying to lower those numbers. So we’ll leave the scale and tape measure aside … for now at least! 

Then dare I say it … Once it’s said, I’m committed. Ok, here goes: 

Day 1/30 

SleekGeek REBOOT

So I’m doing it!! V5D1. My intention for this Reboot: drink more water (it’s my biggest battle); add a new workout per week; make family-friendly, budget friendly meals; treat myself to some pseudo-junk only rarely. Oh yeah, and save up for a shopping spree coz I’m gonna need some new clothes. 



This cuppa is going to be a permanent feature for breakfast! It’s the eggy coffee that’s changed my life forever. I can’t drink it black and bitter anymore. Plus it gives me such an energy boost and fills me up so that I don’t need anything else for a while. I’ve also been doing the whole intermittent fasting thing and I’ve found that this cuppa keeps me going for most of the day. I’m guessing this Reboot will be lacking in too many breakfasts and lunches! 

And so it begins… Again! I am excited, I feel absolutely ready for another month of this, I’m not counting down the days or worrying about numbers of any sort … This is it. A lifestyle that can be sustained for the long term. Boy, do I love this journey… Thank you for joining me on another one! 


So lunch was a banana and another eggy coffee. I just didn’t feel that hungry. 

I wanted to make some nuts chutney to accompany tonight’s lamb curry. Oooooooohh yeeeeeeah!! It turned out great and I’m so chuffed! 

 My regular bit of comfort food just got ‘pimped’  ! 


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