Workout ideas: no gym, minimal equipment, and FUN!

Since I’m trying to incorporate something new into my exercise routine, I started googling, Pinteresting, basically, wasting time that I should be using to actually exercise by, you know, sitting on my behind and ‘researching’ 😉 ! 

Nonetheless, I’ll post the ideas here as I find them; and if I actually do land up using it, I’ll review the workout. These will be adding on to other stuff that I do… Or just as is if I can’t manage anything more! 

*January 2016 (update)

I’ve started creating my own mini-workouts that you can use wherever you are. No equipment, no gym, just you and a mat 🙂 

Living Spot Mini Workouts




Other home workouts

These are great! Just a few minutes to get you moving more! 



These above I found I could actually stick to and for that reason, I love them! They aren’t ‘easy’, but as you go along, you can increase the number of sets you do. 



So it’s Monday – coincidentally – and I did the workout for Monday. I’m happy to say that I actually held those planks … And the burpees, oh joyful burpees, were also completed. So yes, for the Monday workout, it’s a thumbs up. 

Updates – the Anywhere Workout

Tuesday: Ooooooowwwwweeeee. Yeah, I did it, I celebrate the fact that I did it, but oh my. I also added 60 squats coz I’m a daredevil like that.  Ok, so Tuesday was a bit tougher than Monday but  guessing that’s the point. I’m going to keep at this one – at least I’m doing it, which is more than I usually do! 

Wednesday: I did it!! A 60 second plank!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!??? I also did the rest of the workout but forget about it! A 60 second plank!! Looks like I can start the toning workout tomorrow too… Maybe. 

Thursday: so I got through it. Barely got through the plank. Then I read ‘Repeat the series’. HUH?? Yeah, I don’t think so. But I did it. Slllooooooooowly. The second set was not great. Not at all! Anyway, let’s move swiftly along shall we!? 

Update – 31 Aug ’15

Ok, so I have to put my hands up here and say I have completely and utterly fallen off the ‘workout wagon’. I can list every excuse under the sun but I won’t – none of it matters nor are they valid (I mean, I could be working out instead of typing right now… Right?!)  So, since I am going to be doing the next Sleek Geek Ultimate You Challenge (in 2 weeks!), I think I need to start upping my game. Now I’ve said it – I have committed to it … I only hope I can do this. I want a toned and healthy body so I have to start working  out for it. Period. 


So this one scares me at this point … A 1 minute plank!!?! I think I need to build up to this. Maybe I’ll try in a week or so. 

Update : Do Anywhere Toning Circuit

Yeah,  still not happy about that 1 minute plank… Fingers crossed … Just don’t hold your breath though – this may take a while! 

Later that week …

Hmmmm, have yet to tackle this one. I might have to just let it go. Will see. 

Update: 31 Aug ’15

This I will do. Starting tomorrow – 1 Sept 2015. No more excuses! 



So I’m two days into Reboot and haven’t even gotten to this arm workout yet. Tomorrow … Where the magic happens… 

Nope… Tomorrow’s come and I’ve not done this… 

31 Aug ’15 … And I still haven’t gotten anywhere near this…


I’ve been doing this along the way. Today (15/07/15) is a ‘rest day’ (Day 4). Looking forward to the 70 squats tomorrow. Yeah… 

Thursday (16/07) : so I did the 70 squats. Unbelievable. I found counting from 1 to 10 and then repeating is better than continuing to count to 70… It tricked my brain into thinking I was just getting started. Strange, but it worked! 

Update: 31 Aug ’15

I’m actually rather annoyed with myself about not completing this one. I was doing really well, but that Day 8 ‘rest day’ turned into a ‘rest month’. Gah! I’m starting this over. Again. And this time, I’m bloody finishing it! 


I’ve not done/tried these ones below – just posted here as one to try. 



There are so many workouts online that it’s hard to know which to start with but the point is – just start! I’m starting over with this as of 1 September 2015. 

October 2015:

Since starting the Sleek Geek UltimateYou Challenge, I’ve been following more of these than before, plus some others. (Hint: Go to youtube for Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, No More Trouble Zones (Yoh!!) and more!) 

Check these out too: 

This next one spells ‘DEATH’ for me… 80 burpees!?!?  I don’t think so…! What do you get!!?

No excuses but to get moving!!! 

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