REBOOT: V5 Day 2/30


 I decided to have some breakfast along with my eggy coffee this morning. It’s been a while! Mushrooms sautéed in ghee, asparagus, chilli-naise, and half an avo. Wow, I am stuffed! I want to see how long I last until I need another meal. I will be working out later this morning as well so it will be good to see if this will sustain me. 


Yeah, lunch. I did a mid-morning workout and I got hungry! This was just so good. Succulent roast lamb, cucumber-ghetti, chilli, avo-mayo, pecans, dill, spring onions, and tomato on the side. It felt healthy and really very delicious. Good food is just good. Period. 

It seems that eating breakfast made me hungry because on a fasting day, I’m usually ok. It’s fine – today is my ‘Up Day’ on IF so I can eat my usual meals. I find intermittent fasting really great and it works for me – less prepping and cooking too! 


It’s another leftover special – lamb curry from last night is given a face lift! 


I tossed the curry into a pan, added prepped grated cauli, a dash of coconut cream, and let it all simmer together for about 5 minutes. Served with mini cucumber, and a shredded cabbage and carrot salad. This was really tasty actually, and I couldn’t taste the coconut cream, it just made everything very creamy and yummy. I’m at a loss for adjectives – it’s 9:18pm and my brain is heading into ‘Shutdown’ mode!! 

Well it appears Day 2 was a success. I managed to get through more burpees, squats, and crunches that I usually do. I also managed a plank that had me gritting my teeth, arms shaking like bamboo in a tornado, I’m sure veins were popping all over my face -BUT- I did it. A whole freakin’ 30 seconds ! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey, I am proud of that achievement – it’s about 25 seconds more than I could do a month ago! 

I’m sure there will be some pain tomorrow, but you know what? That’s a problem for tomorrow. Right now, I am happy that I even got this far for today. 


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