REBOOT: V5 Day 3/30 (Workout review)

This post may get content heavy because I’m in a researching type of a mood. Plus, it’s my ‘DownDay’ which means I’m fasting so to avoid standing in front of my open fridge and staring inside for hours, I’m just going to try to distract myself from food by, uhm, writing about food… Yeah, maybe I didn’t think this one through… Alright, let’s change the topic (for now) to exercise. 
In my quest to try something different and to add on new things, I inevitably came across Tracy Anderson and her multitude of celebrity endorsed methods. There’s a mat workout,  a metamorphosis, the beginners’ workout … Just google ‘Tracey Anderson workouts’ and you’ll see. Now, I’m all for dancing – I love it; can’t quite stay coordinated but I love it nonetheless. However, doing even the beginners’ routine, I felt like I had about 6 left legs. It’s like all the wires in my brain crossed and left, right, centre, back all became ‘trip over your own feet’! I am really glad I was on my own when I attempted this!! Then I thought about the famous faces whose bodies are accredited to Anderson : Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez. Now, did these women have weight issues to begin with? I’m not so sure. They were in pretty good shape before right!? Ok, maybe pregnancy changed things for J-Lo and G-Pal (hee hee) but I mean, come on, by no stroke of the imagination where they suddenly so out of shape that Tracy Anderson’s ‘Metamorphosis’ miraculously redesigned their bodies by pulling on strings and balancing on a dining chair! So it got me thinking – does this method work, is it based on facts and research, or is this yet another glitz & glam bit of hogwash? 

Back to google it was! I wanted reviews and I came across this article :  A Logical Argument Against the Tracy Anderson Method. This was really interesting in that I found it quite balanced – the author made allowances for some ‘truths’ (as negligibly small as they may be) that the Tracy Anderson Method is based in; but his explanation of the main points of the workout and why they don’t really make sense or work was what rung true with me. Maybe I’m biased because I’m predisposed to reject most celebrity endorsed workouts – firstly, if I had a private chef, a personal trainer at my beck and call 24 hours a day, and a glam team to make me look my best no matter what time of day it was, then yeah, I’d also jump at the chance to remodel and repurpose (or even build!) the pool house to incorporate a dance studio on my 6000 hectare property just so Ms Anderson can come by every day and work out with me whilst my already svelte body was made ‘svelter’. 

Now in the interests of being balanced, I thought I’d try find something that shone a more positive light on Ms Anderson’s claims. But then I came across this Workout Review and I couldn’t resist adding it here because it’s simple to read, funny, and quite frankly, it’s what I’d write about it if I could! I quite love the ‘Tray Tray be cray cray’ bit of linguistic prowess shown by the author! 

So will I be following the Tracy Anderson Method? Uhm, I don’t think so. I’m not quite ready for a metamorphosis it seems – not until I grow ‘dance-shoes’. 


So today I did a 60 second plank! That may not seem like much but the most I’ve done – ever – is 30 seconds. I am super chuffed with myself right now! Really looking forward to all the ‘firsts’ along my journey. Perhaps I could be the size 30/32 I used to be. It’s not that far away after all. 


Keepin’ it clean when the budget is lean. Spicy chicken livers are one of my favourites. Cheap, quick to cook, and delicious – everything that I love! I added some ghee and an egg yolk to the cauli before blending it all together. The result: a rich and creamy mash that was the perfect accompaniment. 



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