REBOOT: V5 Day 4/30

Wow, ok, so today was a food fest of note! Had errands to run this morning and headed out before eating anything, not even coffee *shock horror*.  Whilst out, an unexpected thing happened. I walked into a clothing store, saw a pair of size 32 jeans, picked them up and thought, Yeah, right!! However, I wanted to see for myself. I tried them on … And they fit!!! I did a little dance (erm, yeah that song comes to mind but no… didn’t do the other thing!)! It’s such a huge motivator because a size 32 was my goal. I haven’t been that size in 8 years!! It’s given me the determination to keep going because clearly, something’s working! 


Sweet potato hash brown, avo, bacon, chilli-naise


Woweee! Talk about amazing. This also seemed to be a favourite amongst the Sleek Geeks judging by the ‘likes’ and comments on facebook. The recipe for the hash brown is here

I managed to get a short workout in this afternoon even though I reeeeeeeeally didn’t feel like it. Glad I did it though because it gave me a much needed boost for the rest of the afternoon/evening. 



Like I said – food fest!! Zoodles with a ‘scotch egg’ sauce. It’s my mother-in-law who taught me this one (she’s such an amazing cook!) and it’s not something I make all the time but I’m probably going to change that!! It’s do comforting and filling! Recipe available here

After this food fueled day, tomorrow’s  fast is going to be interesting… Or maybe I need a day of fasting actually! 


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