‘Scotch egg’ pasta sauce 

This is a dish I first tried many years ago at my now in-laws’ home. It’s probably an Italian dish based on what I’ve seen online but my family believes it’s Greek … Because, well, everything has Greek roots, doesn’t it?! 

Nonetheless, whatever the origin, it’s delicious. A bit of preparation is necessary so this isn’t one of my quick and easy recipes but I got it all done in under an hour so it’s not too bad. 


What you need

To make 4 ‘scotch eggs’ (proper scotch eggs are coated in sausage meat whereas these are covered in tenderized beef steaks)

4 pieces of beef ‘schnitzel’ pieces, tenderized 

4 eggs, boiled 

2 tblspns flat leaf parsley and dill, chopped finely 

For the sauce 

1 onion, chopped

1 cup tomato passata (or 2-3  tomatoes, chopped)

1 tspn dried origanum

2 bay leaves 

1 piece of cinnamon bark

Salt and pepper to taste 

For the zoodles

4 baby marrows, grated to form ‘noodles’ 

What you need to do

I find it easier to get the sauce going before I make the ‘scotch eggs’  but it’s up to you.

For the sauce

1. Add olive/coconut oil to a pot (over medium heat). Add onions and allow to soften.  

2. Add the bay leaves, cinnamon and origanum. Stir. Add tomatoes/passata. Season. Allow to simmer on a low heat.  

Whilst the sauce is cooking, prepare your ‘scotch eggs’. 

For the ‘scotch eggs’

1. Boil the eggs.  

2. Whilst the eggs are boiling, tenderize the beef. 


3. Remove eggs once boiled, allow to cool. Chop the fresh herbs and set aside. Take one piece of beef, sprinkle on some herbs, place a boiled egg on it, and wrap the egg.

4. Seal with a toothpick ( I didn’t have any so I used wooden cocktail skewers). 

5. Repeat until all are done.  Add the ‘scotch eggs’ to the sauce.  

6. After 5 minutes, turn each ‘scotch egg’, coat in sauce, cover the pot with a lid, and cook on low for another 20 minutes or so (this is dependent on how thick your beef was after tenderizing).  Stir occasionally so your sauce doesn’t burn! 



1. Grate your baby marrows. You can either steam them, or fry lightly in olive oil, and season. 


*Remove the skewer/toothpick before serving!* 

You can serve with any staple (sweet potato, cauli mash, zoodles etc). If you want it spicy, add fresh chopped chilli with the fresh herbs, or chilli into the sauce. It’s hearty and a great comforting dish. Do enjoy! 


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