30 days : My meal plan (REBOOT V4)

Paleo friendly, REBOOT meal ideas for 30 days

When I first started with the SleekGeek REBOOT in October 2014, I had no idea what I was doing, and I certainly didn’t realise what a journey it would become. You hear ‘no dairy, no grains, no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol, no… no… no…’ and you immediately think, ‘Holy cr@p, what the hell will I eat!?!’ Lettuce and celery and eggs everyday just didn’t ignite much enthusiasm… Let alone the black and bitter coffee.

Then I got started, and doing what I do best, I got cracking on researching! Paleo-mania ensued. Since REBOOT is very similar to Whole30, that seemed a logical place to start for recipes and ideas. And so it began. Endless websites abound with ideas and how-to’s, it’s easy to get lost and drown amidst the sea of information. So now that I’m on V5 (that’s Version 5 – which means it’s my fifth go at REBOOT), I thought I’d document what I ate for V4 since that’s the version I started blogging about. It’s just a list, easy to use, and hopefully will help if you feel stuck!

REBOOT (Paleo) Meals : 30 days of clean eating

The table below is broken up into 2-week increments:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 scrambled eggs, with spring onion, chilli, mushroom, and tomato curried chicken soup leftover soup, with wilted spinach
2 scrambled eggs, with a bacon, mushroom, courgette ‘salsa’ tuna with spring onion and chilli, paleo microwave bread

Snack: baked apple with cinnamon

lemon and origanum chicken
3 brandwich (brinjal slices) with chicken and mayo filling chicken thigh, cucumber (with lemon and chilli), gem squash gem squash, brinjal, cucumber. Teaspoon of macadamia nut butter
4 Chicken livers ‘peri-peri’ on a bed of shredded lettuce, with half a grapefruit livers with cauli rice, and sambals mince with leftover cauli rice and sambals
5 scrambled eggs, served with a mushroom, spring onion, tomato, and chilli relish, and a bowl of grapefruit Braised lamb with cauli rice, and a cucumber & tomato salad Leftover lamb from lunch, with spiced pumpkin, and a lettuce and cucumber salad
6 eggs, bacon and tomato pan fried trout, lettuce and cucumber, grapefruit on the side sushi takeout : Seared salmon, with avo, served on shredded cucumber
7 leftover mince, scrambled with two eggs, served with leftover pumpkin, and half an avo steak, pumpkin, cashew creamed spinach stir fried cauli rice with bacon and mushrooms, broccoli on the side
8 Boiled egg, bacon, paleo mayo, dill, and avo steak and cashew creamed spinach with a sweet potato pie (leftovers) spiced cauli rice, served with roast chicken pieces, and steamed courgettes
9 Brinjal, scrambled eggs and smoked trout ribbons steak and spinach (leftovers) beef and mushroom in coconut milk, wilted spinach, sweet potato pie, and a cucumber and onion salad
10 scrambled eggs and smoked trout chicken and paleo mayo, atop a bed of crisp lettuce, with avo, and chopped pecan nuts lamb curry and cauli rice, with wilted spinach
11 Scrambled eggs, avo, and grapefruit spiced butternut soup, served with chicken livers spiced butternut soup (leftovers)
12 Spicy chicken livers, served with toasted paleo microwave bread Tuna mixed with paleo mayo, tossed with lettuce, chilli and cucumber restaurant – sashimi
13 coffee with coconut cream tuna, pecans, scraps of cashews, avo, lettuce, chilli, coriander, and paleo mayo Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, cashew pepper sauce, gem squash, sweet potato chips
14 Boiled eggs, onion and tomato chutney, paleo mayo, avo, and grapefruit seed cracker with macadamia nut butter Butternut soup as a side dish, lamb chops chutney on cauli rice, with a watercress, rocket, and spinach salad

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
15 scrambled eggs, avo, and sautéed mushrooms and onions butternut soup and chops chutney (leftovers) Fillet of beef, with a fresh guacamole, spinach, pumpkin, and zucchini fritters
16 Egg salad on paleo microwave bread, with a side serving of spinach, rocket and watercress butternut soup (leftovers) chicken kebabs on cauli roti
17 kebabs & cauli roti (leftovers) Scrambled eggs with onion; smoked snoek on the side chicken soup
18 nut butter pancakes with roasted almonds, coconut cream chicken and chunky veg soup Roast chicken pieces, with sweet potato chips, and gem squash
19 Bacon and egg muffins no lunch Zoodle bolognaise
20 coffee (black) brinjals and leftover mince Pork fillet, pumpkin, and salad
21 Brandwich, with boiled egg, mayo, and spring onion, served with grilled tomato, and mushrooms Seeded cracker with tuna salad Lamb curry, cauli rice, sambals
22 Eggs in pepper slices, with smoked trout ribbons and mayo, and half a grapefruit leftover lamb curry Chicken laksa
23 Coffee (black) no lunch Homemade burger patty, butternut, aubergine, aioli, grated cucumber, and sweet potato chips
24 Eggs scrambled with green pepper, on tomato and chilli, with smoked trout ribbons leftover burger patty, on brinjal, with butternut Spicy tuna fish cakes on a chunky veggie soup
25 BAT (bacon, avo, tomato) sandwiched between 2 mushrooms no lunch Lamb cutlets, butternut mash (with ghee), steamed cauliflower, beetroot and rocket salad.
26 Bacon and avo fritters, tomato and chilli chutney, scrambled egg Leftover lamb & cauli Chicken curry, cauli, sambals
27 Omelet, filled with chilli, green pepper, tomato, and mushrooms. Half an avo no lunch seed toast, macadamia nut butter
28 coffee (black) no lunch cottage pie
29 almond crepe, strawberries, mint, roasted almonds, coconut milk no lunch cottage pie (leftovers)
30 keto buns, scrambled eggs, spinach, mayo; avo cottage pie (leftovers) spicy chicken livers on rocket and coriander

As you can see, I didn’t always eat 3 meals per day towards the end. I started trusting myself more to just eat when I felt hungry. With these meals, and a bit of exercise, I dropped 2 dress sizes! I’m continuing on this journey because eating clean makes me feel really good – inside and out. I hope this helps somewhat, and gives you some ideas if you’re standing in your kitchen thinking, ‘what do I cook!?’ (I feel that way almost daily!!). 


10 thoughts on “30 days : My meal plan (REBOOT V4)

    • Thank you Tania! Glad you’re able to get something from this. I’m constantly looking for new recipes and trying stuff out – when it gets boring, I start losing interest. All the best to you – and your husband!


  1. Thank you very much for your 30 day meal plan, really helps me a lot as I had no idea where to start. How much water did u drink per day. Thanks Anita


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    • Hi, thanks 🙂 I just use a WordPress template and haven’t had any issues thus far. You could look at Bootstrap – if you’re designed/developed your own website. Loads of info and help for how to do different things, particularly helpful if, like me, HTML and CSS drive you nuts!! Good luck !


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