REBOOT: V5 Day 7/30

Lazy, lazy Sunday… I reeeeeally could’ve used a nap halfway through but alas, two vibrantly energetic kiddies will have none of that! So up I got and decided to experiment with a new pancake recipe. The result?? Sweet potato ‘vanilla chai’ pancakes ! 



I’ll try pretty much any alternative to not have to eat a mushy banana pancake; so this is odd because mashed up sweet potato is pretty close in texture! Adding some chai masala and vanilla made these smell incredible. I had one of these with a strawberry – the rest were scoffed down by the rest of the family… yeah, the ‘paleo skeptics’ sure seem to be enjoying my cooking these days…! 


I decided I need to up my veggie intake. So I made goo. 

 Cucumber, rocket, watercress, mint, and half a pink lady apple. It was actually pretty tasty – the peppery rocket and sweet apple made for an interesting combination. As much as I’m a visual eater, I didn’t mind this. The vibrant green (and the smell of the mint) were all I needed! 



Mmmmm, a Sunday roast was almost a tradition for us back in England. I don’t make it nearly often enough now. The roast was succulent and tender, served with sweet potato chips, green brand, a watercress and purple cabbage salad, and half an avo. I was clearly very hungry!! 

In terms of exercising, all I managed was 80 squats and then running and skipping and ‘see saw squats’ when playing with the kids whilst out. I’m not doing enough in this regard but I have to remind myself that going from 0 squats to 80 is pretty awesome for now; small achievements that’ll pave the way for something greater. 


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