REBOOT: V5 Day 8/30

Something struck me today as I was running around and getting on with things. The headaches and ‘carb flu’ symptoms on V4 haven’t affected me this time – probably because I hadn’t really changed much in-between REBOOTs. So if this what it finally feels like to have adopted a ‘lifestyle’, then hell, I ain’t messin’ with it! Getting over the hurdles of V4, which I started after quite some time off and not exactly choosing my food very wisely, was tough. It was as though it was V1 all over again. Now however, I’ve reached the stage where I just feel good. I have learnt what my body does and does not tolerate, and ‘portion control’ was not ever something I even bothered with and now I’ve become very comfortable with choosing the right amount of food that I feel I need for that particular meal. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong, maybe I should be controlling my portions and making sure I have a palm-sized piece of protein, and a thumb sized portion of fats etc etc, though I’m going to trust that if I was lacking something, my body would not feel too good.  So for me, I’ll just stick with it until it doesn’t feel right anymore. 



One of my favourites – chia seeds, almond milk, fresh strawberries, pecans, and flaked almonds. I’ve only recently started eating chia seeds – was always nervous about the gelatinous-gooey-stodgy texture of it – especially the mushy banana I kept seeing in recipes – but this is just delicious. I also sometimes add strawberry purée if I want a bit of extra sweetness. 



I had a meeting this afternoon so this was a rushed lunch, gobbled down whilst standing at my kitchen counter, before I raced out the door. It was enough to sustain me though!



So very, very yummy! Made my Friendly Meatloaf for dinner, served with green beans, and a salad of watercress and purple cabbage. 

Gah! I just realised that my water consumption today was far from ideal.  I have got to work on this! (Sorry, talking to myself here…!) I just don’t know how people drink water in this cold weather. Well, tomorrow is another day. I will try again. 


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