REBOOT: V5 Day 9/30

The day of the Crusty Quiche! What a joy this was to create. It helped me forget about eating because I was busy trying to figure out the recipe got the crust (strange but true!). Fasting days need distractions, even if those distractions involve food, for me at least. I started with my usual eggy coffee, and that kept me going until about 2pm, which is when I had another coffee … Errrrm, note to self, Unless you enjoy tossing and turning all night and not getting any sleep, please stay away from eggy coffees after midday!!


Isn’t it just such a gorgeous sight? 

How about that quiche again then? Well, I had to taste it! So I had a bit of the crust, and some of the filling … And then I wanted more and more!! I resisted though because the coffees had already pushed my daily calorie allowance up. Technically, I’ve probably gone over the 400-500 calories but I’m not going to lose sleep over it (no, that’s reserved for caffeine induced insomnia). 



Not the greatest pic because it was dark by the time I got round to eating and the lighting was awful. Also, not exactly the most awe inspiring meal. It was fit to purpose and got the job done!

(I’m trying really hard to avoid the exercise update … Mostly because there isn’t an update … Oops. If I ever want to get into that swimsuit and not feel self conscious this summer, I am really going to need to get moving. Perhaps I should buy the swimsuit, hang it up where I can see it everyday, and hope that that will be motivation enough!) Which leads me to … 

Things I’m struggling with… Still 


I’ve used that image because I want to focus on something positive amidst some negativity around my weak points. It would be so easy to make up every excuse under the sun but the simple fact is that I am being lazy about the exercise, and not commited enough to it. Same with the water thing – I’m not drinking enough water as yet and it’s bothering me. Not just because I’m not doing it; it’s bothering me because it’s within my control and I’m slacking off about it. It’s not the cold, it’s not that I’m tired, it’s not that I’m busy – it is that I am just making a different choice to the one I want to (and should) make. Simple really. 

So, now that I know this – it’s back to my favourite quote : 


No excuses. 


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