REBOOT: V5 Day 10/30 

I remember the last time round I was so ecstatic about reaching ‘double digits’ (as in, 10 days of REBOOT!). Now I’m barely keeping track of days – it really has just become a way of life. I’m not on a ‘diet’ or a ‘detox’ or anything other than, well, this is just what I eat and how I live; akin to someone who loves skydiving and does so frequently as opposed to someone who doesn’t – it’s just the way it is. 



Eggy coffee – I really think I’m addicted!  I had a meeting early this morning and this, for me, is the easiest thing to guzzle down first thing in the morning. Having a big breakfast at 7am just isn’t for me, never has been. I knew I’d be out until midday or so and this is the perfect cuppa to keep me going. 

Lunch time came by and I wasn’t hungry (plus had work to finish!) so I skipped lunch altogether.





 So now, those courgette chips are sensational! I made up a seasoning mix of salt, pepper, dried origanum, and nutritional yeast, tossed the chips in that, and then baked them in the oven. They were ‘cheesy’ and delicious! Thanks to loadshedding, this meal almost didn’t happen but everything was pretty quick to cook so thankfully, dinner was eventually served! 


2 thoughts on “REBOOT: V5 Day 10/30 

  1. Really double digits I can’t even believe u were ever in the 100’s?what was your weight I to am aiming for the double digits that’s my first goal and then I work from there onwards.


    • Oh sorry – I should clarify: I meant ‘double digits’ as in Day 10! I was comparing it to what I wrote on Day 10 of V4!! I don’t weigh myself at all so I have no idea what my actual weight is now, but my heaviest (when not pregnant) was in the low 70’s.


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