REBOOT: V5 Day 11/30

Having had a quick bit of work to do this morning, it was another eggy coffee to the rescue! However, when lunch time came around, I was so hungry that it would’ve been very tempting to just eat whatever was in sight. Luckily, I had leftover lamb chops that I could just reheat. You’d think I’d have kept it simple and just had that with some steamed veggies, but alas, I wanted a sauce. I had some mint in the fridge and thought well, lamb – mint … Yeah, brilliant. But then I wanted it to be spicy. Easy – add a green chilli. Perfect. So, do I chop it up and make a ‘salsa’? Do I blend it? Hmmm, I chose the blending option. I added some olive oil, salt, and lemon juice. Then for some unknown reason, I added cashew nut butter and water. Oh my goodness. There it was – the perfect ‘raita’. Dairy-free, paleo friendly mint raita. Amazing! 



The leftover lamb chops and gem squash were given a major face lift, and it was gooooooood!! 

Since I was on the ‘Indian condiments’ bandwagon, I made some green chilli pickle too! 



So this was a no-brainer. I simply had to create a meal that featured the raita. So I made chilli burgers. 

This was so good – those courgette chips are the best thing ever! The rest of it was pretty awesome too ! 


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