REBOOT: V5 Day 13/30

*This is a shorter than usual post – no pics, just a breakdown of what I ate.* 

The joy that is loadshedding forced us out for breakfast – I had a bacon omelette, well, half an omelette because it was huge and I couldn’t eat anything more. 

I skipped lunch because I had far too many errands to run and wasn’t hungry at all. I’m not sure if this is hormonal or as a result of IF – I’ve tried to ease up on the strict 400-500 calories every alternate day to being more in line with the 16:8 protocol, yet I’m finding that I’m just not hungry every second day (almost!) and easily skip meals. I’ll have to keep tabs on it and see if there’s some other reason for this. 

Dinner was a piece of smoked angel fish, with 4 cumin seed crackers. This was surprisingly filling, and delicious! 

I’ll leave you with this :  



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