REBOOT: V5 Day 14/30

*I’ve just realised that I counted today as ‘Day 13’ … Again. I guess the days don’t really matter that much anymore because this is no longer about the challenge of the 30 days, but rather this just is!*

Wow, I actually had three proper meals today, for a change. Is it that I’ve grown accustomed to eating only when my body needs it? Am I more in tune with myself that I can differentiate between real hunger, boredom, or emotional ‘hunger’? I’m terrified to say that that’s the case because I’m not entirely certain as yet though it does seem to be the case. It will certainly be interesting to see if this trend continues for the next week or so, whilst I continue to move to the 16:8 IF protocol. 
I had some work to attend to this afternoon so didn’t manage to get much prepping done this afternoon either. That’s a bit frustrating because I do like being prepared, especially since I have an early meeting tomorrow morning and will only be done later in the day. However, one of the things I’m learning is to just go with it – adapt and let it be. I can get it all done tomorrow afternoon, and leftovers from today will more than sustain me tomorrow. Plus, having some time off, wrapped in a warm blanket, writing… Yeah, it could be worse! 

So here’s the food for today:


I was craving boiled eggs with Tabaso! So I kept it simple abd just added half an avo to complete my breakfast. Oh, and coffee, of course!



There’s that raita again… It’s brilliant on chicken too! 



This was so delicious, in fact, I didn’t expect it to taste this good (if I do say so myself… Although my husband said so too!). I wanted something spicy so I made a tomato and chilli chutney, then remembered I had a frozen cauli roti I’d made before, so I decided to build on that. The green chilli pickle has had a few days to soak and oh my word… Deeeeeevine!!! It was perfect with this meal and I am salivating just thinking about it now! Leftover chicken breast from lunch made this a very quick dinner. 

So, a good food day 😉 Time to ‘down tools’ and get some rest before the week ahead. *yawn*’


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