REBOOT: V5 Day 15/30 (How REBOOT ‘Cured’ My Autoimmune Allergies)

Wowzers – halfway through REBOOT already!? I’m still getting used to not really bothering too much about the ‘Day’ anymore. That may have something to do with me being crazy busy work wise right now – what was supposed to be a morning only meeting, turned into a draaaaag fest and I was still busy at 5pm. Grrrr…! This would’ve been the day that I stopped off at a takeaway, got a whole load of junk, and wouldn’t have considered cooking. That was the ‘old’ me, I guess. The ‘me’ who didn’t realise that what I was eating was making me ill; that the autoimmune allergies that I suffered with for all those years had nothing to do with me being allergic to myself (I mean, that’s pretty much what it means!) but it had everything to do with all the utter cr@p that I was putting into body. I expected to function energetically and with a zest for life when all I was doing was slowly poisoning myself with ‘food’ that did the exact opposite. 

By the age of 16/17, my body just couldn’t cope anymore and so I’d break out in urticaria, my lips/eyes would swell up – and this happened 6/7 days a week. I’d wake up this way, and would take 4 antihistamines – yes, you know those ‘1 a day’ pills!? Well, I took 4 just to get by! 

I had test after test … And it was all the same : ‘there’s nothing you can do about it’. Yet there was – it appears diet made all the difference. At first, during V1, I didn’t really notice the change until almost done with it. I thought perhaps it’s hormonal or whatever (that’s my go-to explanation for everything!). It’s only now that it’s been long enough a passage of time, and with me adopting the REBOOT lifestyle even beyond the 30 days, that I can say that this is the reason I don’t get allergies anymore. There is no other explanation. Can you believe that one allergist even told me that the only cure for my allergies would be my death!?! I was shaken after that appointment because nobody wants to hear that, regardless of what the reason is. Anyway – there was a ‘cure’ and all it was was treating my body with care, and nourishing myself with good, wholesome, real food. I guess the pharmaceutical companies don’t want us knowing that though… 

Back to today after that little trip down memory lane then … ! 



Chia Seed porridge


I had an eggy coffee, and forced myself to have some chia seed porridge too. I’m glad I did because I skipped lunch so this kept me going! 



It had to be a quickie but a goodie! So I made my kinda-carbonara sauce with zoodles. 

After a long day, this was equally as satisfying as a long, hot bath… Something a busy mum doesn’t get much of a chance to do anymore!! 

As I type, there’s a mountain of ironing that is glaring at me and I think I better tackle at least some of it… *sigh* I guess one good thing about doing your own household chores is that you burn more calories in the day!! 

Have a good one – keep it clean 😉 


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