REBOOT: V5 Days 16/17/18

You know the saying, ‘When it rains, it pours’ ??? Yes? Well, imagine that, but throw in a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, earthquake, and whatever other ridiculousness you can think of and you’ll get an idea of my last couple of days. Hence, this is a combined post of the last three days because I’ve got more ‘cats and dogs’ raining around me! However, amidst the mayhem, I managed some decent food along the way! (It’s probably because of all the madness that I needed some focus and headed to the kitchen!) 

Day 16 


egg wrap


Egg wrap – super quick, easy, and bloomin’ marvelous, I tell you! The tapioca flour makes it flexible and robust, so you can actually hold this up like a regular burrito without it falling all over the place (apart from the drizzle of tomatoey oil that leaks down your hand in a most elegant fashion). Verdict: yes, it’s a keeper! 
Lunch was skipped, but then I made these apple cookies for my kids and managed to grab one before they disappeared! These are ridiculously good. Careful though – you’ll want to, er-hem, eat some more ;-). (It’s shameful really, this silliness that lurks within me sometimes!)

CinnApple Cookies



I made usual lamb curry and cauli rice but have no pic because we ate by candlelight (not out of choice I might add!). 

Day 17



CinnamoNutty meusli


Yes, that’s right – I made muesli ! Gluten free, grain free, sugar free … Guilt free! It’s nutty, it’s crunchy, it’s just fab. I haven’t had ‘cereal’ in I don’t even remember how long and really craved something like it so just started throwing bits together, and it worked. I had it with a strawberry and some coconut cream. So. Darn. Good. 

Again, no lunch but I had an eggy coffee so that sufficed. 



chilli chicken stir fry


It is so cold out that I needed heat. So chilli chicken stir fry did just the trick! I made it with tenderstem broccoli, baby pan choi, green pepper, red chilli, and chicken. By browning the chicken first, then cooking everything else in the same pan, I got an amazing ‘sauce’ along with it all. (Kinda looks like soy sauce actually)

Day 18





Yeah, it’s that muesli again. Just too good!! I can’t have a jar of this just sitting on the counter … It’s too tempting! 

Manic. That’s what I describe today as. However, I needed a quick lunch so I made these ‘sushi’ rolls with tinned tuna. 

Sushi rolls

I can’t tell you how easy these are to make. Wait, I can. That’s the point of this blog. Will post a recipe shortly. 


So, I’ve not actually gotten round to dinner today. Had an eggy coffee around 5pm and I might just have a bit of prepped chicken breast and some avo or something. Will post a pic if I do! 

(Managed this for dinner…pre-prepped chicken breast, raw veggies, mayo.) 

I am so tired that all I want is to go right to bed, right now! *yawn*


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