REBOOT: V5 Day 19/30

What on earth is going on here? I feel awful! Just low and ‘blah’ and ‘bleugh’ and downright bloomin’ terrible. Physically, I’m fine but I’m just not in the mood for anything … And if I’m honest, not in the mood for anyone’s nonsense either. My patience threshold, which is limited on a good day anyway, is severely diminished. I have a strong hunch that this is directly related to my lack of appetite recently. I’m guessing I should ‘dig deep’ and figure out what’s bothering me – could be these hormones of mine that get all out of whack and make me all wonky – so that I can get over this slump. The best thing would probably be a walk along the Promenade … In this freezing cold weather … Hmmm, yeeeeeah… It would work though, I know it would! Let’s see – I might surprise myself in the morning and go do it. 

Judging by my meals, or lack thereof, today, it’s easy to understand the low mood from that regard. My question to myself is: what’s causing the loss of appetite? I’ll have to just ponder that for a bit. Maybe it’s just one of those weeks and like everything, it too will pass and I’ll be back to my usual self again. Maybe wasting all this energy on trying to figure out the ‘mood’ is pointless. Grrrr…..! I don’t know! Anyway, we’ll continue on in circles at this rate so moving along…!  


Errrrm, an eggy coffee. I can’t live wihout this now! 



Greenish smoothie


Rainbow chard, strawberries, apple, and lemon smoothie. Looks a right mess but actually tasted pretty good. 



Chicken curry and cauli rice


Chicken curry and cauli rice. I needed comfort food! 

So there, I didn’t do too badly food wise but perhaps I should try eat a better breakfast. Here’s to another day! I could’ve reached for the bad stuff, but I stuck with it. That’s something to be happy about! 


So this happened : 

Devil’s decadence chocolate mug cake

It’s paleo, it’s chocolate, it was probably not the best option but God knows, it was good!! This was shared between three of us so I actually had about 3-4 mouthfulls in total – that doesn’t constitute too much of a ‘clean cheat’ for me. Will post a recipe tomorrow because I’m finally in bed, hot water bottle warming me up, and a good piece of drivelling chick-lit to delve into. 

Perhaps things are looking better already … 


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