REBOOT: V5 Day 20& Day 21

Another combined post because this has just been one of those manic weeks (and weekends!). It’s incredible to me how focusing my attention on getting healthy physically has led to the most profound changes in my life as a whole. Those who know me know that I love writing, reading, and all things linguistically related (I could go on and on about language acquisition in children, and my absolute favourite – the origins and proliferation of the many varieties of English throughout the world… but I won’t!!). In this last month, I’ve had an increased workload that now includes a job that I never thought I’d have a chance at yet was something I always dreamed of doing, and is putting my passion and skills to the test. I would have normally shied away from taking on extra work because my head wasn’t in the right place and neither was my body. I was tired, lacked energy, and my motivation levels were down to negative numbers.

Now however, I’m ready to face these challenges; I know that I am constantly learning and as a result, I am pushing myself in all areas.  I feel alive – for the first time in a really long time! Every minute of the day now means something, and I’m so very grateful for every single one. I read something once about how everyone has 24 hours in the day, the difference is how we each use that time (I’m paraphrasing in the worst way but that’s the crux of what it said!!). I used to be the queen of time wasting – focused on all the negatives and unable to see what opportunities and possibilities lay before me. As a person, letting go of the weight has also allowed me to let go of all the ‘dead weight’ in my mind too. So even though I’m busy, I’m not stressed, I’m not ‘losing it’; I’m just loving it! 

Day 20 



Chard frittata


Yep, I had a proper breakfast! It was delicious and, although I found it difficult to get it all down at first, I did manage to eat the lot! It kept me going for a while too. I didn’t ‘slump’ and wasn’t left craving anything mid-morning. 


No pic but I had leftover chicken curry with 3 seed crackers – well, there’s a first time for everything!! It was very yummy though. Will definitely do it again!


After a long afternoon out with the kids, it was take out time. I had a ‘no rice’ sushi platter. Divine. Just divine. That tuna sashimi was out of this world. 



I must say, having had three proper meals made a huge difference to my mood… Hmmm… Perhaps it’s time to let the fasting go and just focus on maintaining a healthy, happy balance and eating to sustain myself. I don’t need to lose any more weight therefore this is perhaps my body reminding me of that! 

Day 21



Breakfast brinjal pizza


Told ya! Getting back to breakfasts. These brinjal pizzas were amazing! So simple to do, even though it does takes a bit of preparation. Again, it was a struggle to get it all down but I did wait until after 9am to eat. 


Yeah… So… I didn’t have a big lunch; I had an eggy coffee and 2 seed crackers. This was all I wanted because breakfast kept me going. 



Wow. This was exceptional. I landed up having two burger patties and extra  homemade chilli sauce because it was just so delicious. 

If the last two days are anything to go by, I’d have to say that by making sure I had a decent breakfast, my mood was elevated and I felt a whole lot better. I think that yes, some hormonal stuff was to blame, but my lack of eating adequately compounded the issue. What I thought was just a lack of appetite was actually just me feeling low because I wasn’t eating properly. I’ll make a concerted effort to keep breakfast on the menu! 

It’s Sunday evening, time to switch off and rest. 


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