REBOOT: V5 Day 22 

It’s incredible how quickly this REBOOT is flying by; probably because I’m not really counting down to day 30 this time around. This will be a ‘mini post’ with just a breakdown of food for the day. I had a late meeting to plan and prepare for this afternoon, luckily from home, so I was able to get both a fantastic breakfast in as well as one of my favourite lunches. 



Mushrrom, eggs, broccoli, pomegranate


The pomegranate rubies were juicy and sweet, and lifted an otherwise pretty boring meal! Yeah, this whole breakfast thing is starting to grow on me again … Will just have to keep it interesting! 



Pakoras and Seekh kebab with raita


Ooh, an Indian treat! Cauli pakoras, homemade seekh kebab, mint raita, and salad. This is my kinda comfort food, and takes me right back home again. Really, this was absolutely delicious and hit just the right spot! 


I don’t have a pic as I ate out, but it was sushi … Again!! Bamboo rolls, sashimi … Nom nom! 

Food wise, an amazing day was had. Work wise, a very productive day indeed. Mood wise? Fantastic! Is this the result of upping my calories and making sure I have a proper breakfast? It sure seems to be. 


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