Shooooweeee!! Another Reboot done! There’s a great sense of satisfaction (and some pride!) at actually sticking with something and seeing it through even when all you want to do is say, bugger that! My husband noticed that I was struggling these last few days and he encouraged me to keep going, and I’m so glad that he did. There’s a Greek saying that goes along the lines of: ‘just the tail is left; we ate the donkey’; it sounds weird but basically means that most of the work is done, there are just a few minor details to finish. Having come so far, and to pack it all in on Day 28 would’ve been a tragedy! So I stuck with it, pushed through those dubious feelings, and finished. 


This led me to think about how important it is to have someone in your corner – being blessed to have support and encouragement along the way is truly not to be taken lightly. This is also why the REBOOT Support group on Facebook is such an indispensable resource for all of us Rebooters! It can be a tad overwhelming at times as there is a lot of information (sometimes mixed messages) but ultimately, it’s a place of support, and information transfer, and a lot of encouragement! I’m so grateful for it because I’d have never done this on my own, and being accountable by posting and interacting with everyone made this journey a lot less lonely. By diving in and involving myself in whatever way I could, I’ve found this made me stronger too. Meeting fellow Sleeks has also further encouraged me because they’re a whole bunch of fabulous, I tell you! Sleekgeek is an amazing platform from which to catapult yourself towards your dreams and goals. I know it’s changed my life forever – in the best possible way! If you ever read this – thank you, Elan Lohmann, for dedicating your life to helping others live theirs to the full! 

Sleek Geek REBOOT

So that’s a whole lot of Sleek appreciation and love today!!  

Let’s get the food out the way for a minute: 


Day 29: That’s right – leftover cauli pizza from dinner made it’s way onto my breakfast plate. Before heading out for the day, I needed something quick and easy so this fit the bill. 

Pizza for breakfast!

Day 30: the ever faithful eggy coffee, and then a mad dash to work! 


Hmmm – a distinct lack of lunches because I didn’t take any pics. On Day 29, we ate out and I had grilled fish and prawns. Oh yes, it was delicious!! 

Day 30: Another egg coffee… I don’t know, just not hungry and also busy! 


Day 29: 

Very simple supper indeed, but nobody ever said simple can’t be delicious. Butternut soup with garlic dinner rolls. Yum!  

Butternut soup with garlic dinner rolls

Day 30

Oxtail and zoodles. A family recipe taught to me by my mother-in-law (sans zoodles of course!) and it is just finger-licking good … Oh you will, lick your fingers that is! 


Oxtail sauce with zoodles

Well, there we have it. Another 30 days  done and dusted. Further enlightenment along this road has led me back to one of my favourite quotes by Dr Seuss: 

What’s my lesson this time: We can never please everyone, don’t even try to because you’ll land up turning into a heap of misery. Living your own truth, out in the open, no matter how messy that may appear to be, is still leaps and bounds ahead of living a polished lie. Surrounding yourself with people who encourage and support and uplift you is a sure fire way to achieve your goals, and improve upon yourself. More so, let them know just what they mean to you 🙂 We all have bad days, and when they come, just remember: 


This is a never ending path of learning and discovery, and as much as we can, and as often as we can, for as long as we can, my wish is that we all live the lives we’ve always wanted! 

Adieu REBOOT… Hello scary, big world!! Let’s see how it goes – here’s to the next chapter 😉 


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