Life after REBOOT: Day 1 

I feel a bit… Lost?!? I started with an eggy coffee, and right now am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a morning meeting in a bit, and am having a green tea with a ‘low carb apple and date muffin’ (pic below). Yeah – so I couldn’t do the very scrumptious looking croissant just yet! The muffin’s ok – coconut flour is making this way too dry, but I’m eating it. Tastes pretty good apart from the need for copious amounts of tea to wash to down. Actually, no, it’s too dry – I ate about 4-5 bites and couldn’t bear any more!

Low carb apple and date muffin

Later … 

So, how has this day been different? Well, for starters, I didn’t ask for a list of ingredients for the muffin. I just ordered it. When I got back home after my meeting, it was dull, grey, and cold and all I wanted was a cup of tea. So I decided to put a dash of milk in. It wasn’t as great as I’d made it out to be in my head – and a while after, I was bloated and had awful tummy cramps. Hmmm … Maybe the milk thing needs some further testing to see if this is really causing this reaction. 

Then there was this … 

Alco-paleo time!

Ha!! Yeah, that’s definitely not REBOOT friendly !! So I had a glass. Woweeeeeeeee! We’ll leave it at that, shall we!?! 

I decided to make a REBOOT meal for dinner, by accident actually, I had something entirely different in mind but after the milk thing, I thought I’d steer clear of dairy for a bit. I made some chicken lasagna with cashew cheese sauce. This was just divine. Really though!! 


Paleo chicken with courgette lasagna

Perhaps this is what 80/20 is all about. Oh, yes, how can I forget… I tasted some cheese. Enough said. I will be eating cheese again – it’s a settled issue. Cheese is too damn good and life is too damn short! I might just dedicate my entire 20% to just cheese!! Isn’t there something called lacto-paleo (is that what ‘primal’ is all about?) – that sounds like something I should look into. 

So there it is, I survived Day 1 post-REBOOT! I’ll leave you with this : 


Veggie doubles

Hahaha!!! Have a good one ! 


2 thoughts on “Life after REBOOT: Day 1 

  1. so there definitely is life after reboot.!!!! lols
    I’ve been considering going primal, but so far milk doesn’t treat me well, also get the same symptoms. Will try incorporating more dairy when i reach my goal weight. keep up the good work, really love this blog. 🙂


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