Keeping It Clean Whilst Keeping It Real

It’s only been a few days (6 actually) since I completed V5 (my fifth REBOOT) so waxing lyrical about what life is like after probably won’t stretch too far! I can however say with certainty that I am hyper-conscious about what I’m eating, how much I’m not exercising, and how easy it is to slip into bad habits; you could find yourself having a ‘cheat meal’ every other day, and before you know it, the weight piles back on and the cycle continues. I’m trying to find a balance at this point between ‘keeping it clean’ and ‘keeping it real’ : I’m going to call that middle ground ‘keeping it clear’. It’s that space where there’s clarity of mind, where my food choices are no longer thought about in detail but just are, where no guilt resides and the occasional ‘slip’ isn’t the beginning of a marching band stampeding through my head making a big hoo-ha about eating some of the ‘bad stuff’! It’s that 80/20 concept I wrote about before, and I’m hoping I’m strong enough to actually live by it. 

Extracting myself from something as structured and controlled as REBOOT has been very difficult – it’s evident that my mindset has changed because, like I said above, my ‘food consciousness’ is definitely elevated. So that’s a resounding success for REBOOT then – it’s worked by fulfilling its purpose to re-establish my relationship with food. Great. I’ve made some lifelong changes and I believe these can be sustained (here’s hoping!!), such as understanding different types of foods and how they affect our bodies, more specifically, how they affect my body, and what works and what doesn’t. 

Dairy, Dairy, Quite Contrary: Lacto Paleo?

Let’s start with dairy: I initially couldn’t handle a dash of milk in my tea. I have tried again, and I get very bloated. However, cheese is my weakness. A good Camembert, or blue cheese, with some seed crackers… That’s what I had last night, and I woke up with congested sinuses and a very throat as a result of not being able to breathe through my nose. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Will I do it again? Uhm, yeah…I love cheese, but I don’t love feeling this way, so I’m not sure. 

Sugar, yes please…uhm, no thank you

Now, in the interests of being fully transparent – I also added 1/2tspn of sugar to a cup of tea the other day. It was tragic, really. I got sweaty and felt really weird. I also was in a foul mood later that day, and I mean F-O-U-L; my allergies also flared up and my hands were swollen and I got urticaria again. Hmmm… Coincidence? Surely not. 

Red, red wine… what about alco paleo?

What about alcohol? Yep, I added some wine back into my ‘life after REBOOT’. The verdict? I don’t like it. Now there’s a shocker. I hate how I feel after drinking it (and I’m not talking a bottle of wine here!! I was a lightweight before REBOOT and now, well, I’m a ‘lighter weight’ in many ways!), my sleep is affected if I have a glass in the evening, and I wake up lethargic and just blah. I never thought twice about having wine with dinner before so this is certainly a change that I didn’t see coming! 

‘What’s in a name? That which we call [junk] by any other name would taste as sweet’

Aaaah but for the blessed Bard of Avon! ‘Twas never a truer word spoken   because I had my first ‘cheat meal’ and yeah, junk is junk but man, it was goooood! We found ourselves in need of a child friendly eatery that had an indoor play area because the weather was awful. Enter (you got it) SPUR! I hadn’t eaten at a Spur in aaaaages but thought perhaps some ribs wouldn’t be all that bad. In fact, once the kids ran off into the play area and my husband and I had some – very rare – time to actually sit down, relax and talk, I found myself not really too concerned about ‘paleo’ anything. I ordered the ribs, with chips (!!!), and I went all cave woman on those bones (so maybe not too far off from all things paleo then). It was delicious. Truly. This is when the usual guilt creeps in, and the feeling that I let myself down, blah blah blah… I had a small taste of this, but for the most part, I just enjoyed it! I came across this today and felt it’s a good thing to remember:    


To paleo, or not to paleo, that is the question

(Shakespeare, twice in one article?! What can I say, it’s late and I’m lacking creativity!)

That’s ultimately what ‘life after REBOOT’ boils down to – for me at least. I’ve loved every minute of the paleo diet (oh sorry dah-ling… lifestyle) and found myself feeling better than ever whilst adhering to strict guidelines, but I quite like having those boundaries pushed back a bit, and sure I may feel like cra@p after eating or drinking some stuff, but I like being able to do it nonetheless. I’m sticking with the principles I learned and still cooking clean, REBOOT meals (mostly), and am still active amongst the Sleek Geek community, so not that much has changed, but feeling my wings unfurl a bit further as I navigate the ‘bigger picture’ is a pretty good feeling too. 

Here are some of the meals I’ve had these passed few days: 


Chard egg wrap with chicken, avo, bacon

You can find the egg wraps recipe here.

Mushroom and green beans, with boiled eggs, and chutney


Chicken, avo, veggies, green chilli pickle


Chilli and Coriander egg wrap, filled with chicken and mushroom

The basic egg wrap recipe is here, and you can add flavours to it. 

Sweet potato hash brown, wors, rocket, chutney


These hash browns are absolutely delicious and if you’d like to know how to make them, you can find the recipe here


Tuna salad and seed crackers,

For me, making my own paleo mayo is a godsend! This tuna mayo salad is a prime example of how delicious the simplest things can be. 

Seed crackers with almond butter and raw honey




Veg curry in a sweet potato cup


Beef mince blognaise with zoodles

It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s family friendly, it’s perfect! Get in on the action and try out my zoodle bolognaise recipe here

Chicken and cauliflower soup

Well, there you have it. Almost a week and so far, perhaps not so good, but good enough; and since this is a journey for life, good enough is just fine for now. We’re not striving for perfection here, just progress. For me, what I’m experiencing daily is progress. 

Now however, I am coming down with a nasty cold or flu or something, and my eyes are about to shut! I also have some choc-almond cupcakes that I made earlier and I reeeeeeally want to try them out. If it’s worked, the recipe will be up tomorrow! Otherwise, well, we’ll pretend like this never happened and just move along swiftly! 

Paleo Chocolate Almond Cupcakes

Good night ! 


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