Paleo Cinnamon Date ‘Shortbread’ (Gluten free, grain free)

Paleo ‘Shortbread’ flavoured with cinnamon and dates – gluten, grain, and egg free

You’ll notice the inverted commas around shortbread, and the reason for this is that these are classified as pseudo junk food so should be treated with caution – especially if your goal is weight loss. I don’t usually stick a warning on my ‘treats’ but this one just feels like it requires one! It contains flours, dates, and butter… So yes, not for the faint hearted!! 

Cinnamon date shortbread cookies

A great addition to your Paleo inspired afternoon tea

The apple cinnamon cookies that I made previously are really great and definitely the lesser of two evils in this case because they’re flour free and the apple gives it some sweetness. So if you’re after something ‘healthier’, I’d say go for those 😉 

However, if it’s a large amount of indulgence that will only happen once in a blue moon, and you’re not on your first REBOOT, then you could give these a go. Tread carefully – you’ll want to eat more than one! 

Recipe for gluten free, egg free, grain free, paleo shortbread with cinnamon and dates


Stack of crumbly shortbread cookies


What you need

Yield: 6 cookies

Prep time: 5-10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes


1/2 cup almond flour

1/4 cup + 1 tblspn tapioca flour

1/2 tspn cream of tartar + 1/4 tspn bicarb (REBOOT friendly, and gluten free ‘baking powder’) 

1/4 tspn cinnamon powder 

4 tblspns butter, melted (I used softened butter but melted would work better)

1 tblspn water (I used the water in which I soaked the dates)

3 dates (pitted, soaked till softened, chopped finely) *alternatives: see below

Few drops of vanilla extract

Pinch of salt 

*alternatives to chopped dates: date paste, apple sauce; and if not Rebooting, raw honey or maple syrup. Cacao or cocoa powder could be great for chocolate cookies…hmmm…! 

What you need to do

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper. 

2. Combine the dry ingredients and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl. 


3. Add butter. As mentioned above, I used softened butter and had to mix it all in thoroughly. To save yourself the hassle, melt the butter before adding it to the dry ingredients.

4. Combine well until a ‘dough’ is formed.  

5. Add dates and water. Mix well. 

6. Form into a log of dough. (You can chill it at this point, in the fridge, for about 30 minutes. I didn’t do this time because I was impatient! You could potentially freeze the dough at this stage too for later use – I’ve not tested this yet so can’t guarantee results.)

7. Slice the log of dough into cookies, about 1-2cm thickness, and lay onto your lined baking tray.

8. Bake! (They can easily burn, so do check on them after 10 minutes or so. Ovens vary but 15-20 minutes should do the trick.) Remove from the oven, then allow to cool on a cooling rack. 

Fresh out the oven: gluten free, grain free, egg free shortbread cookies

They’re crumbly, buttery, and moreish! It’s dangerous having these around but luckily the entire family loved them so I’m not left with an entire batch to myself. 



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