My Weekly Meal Plan: REBOOT (V5), Paleo friendly, and Intermittent Fasting (UpDayDownDay)

Paleo, REBOOT friendly Weekly Meal Planner

**PLEASE NOTE: This is just a record of what I ate. It is not going to work for everyone – particularly those who are very active!! I don’t eat that much (you’ll notice some days with just egg coffees and one meal) and this was for a very short amount of time. Please refer to this for meal ideas but NOT as a set plan for YOU – we’re all different, with different goals and starting points!! REBOOT is designed to re-establish your relationship with food, and this being my fifth go at it is going to look very different to one’s first. So use it to get ideas, hope it helps you, but make sure it works for you and your lifestyle!**

It’s been a while since I completed V5, and just like my REBOOT V4 Paleo 30 Day Meal Plan, I have been meaning to post this for ages, nonetheless I have finally got the chance to do so today. This time however I have divided the 30 days into 4 weekly planners, with easy to download PDFs, and formatted as flow charts (colour-coded for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too).

Hope you find this useful!

You can also check out my post on Weekly Meal Prep to get you prepped and ready for the week! 

*Please note: I started intermittent fasting (UpDayDownDay) during this time so you will that there aren’t always 3 meals per day.

Please click on each link below to download the PDFs of my weekly meal planners

V5 – Week 1 – Click here for  V5 Week 1 meals

V5 – Week 2 – Click here for V5 Week 2 meals

V5 – Week 3 – Click here for V5 Week 3 meals

V5 – Week 4 (1) – Click here for V5 Week 4 meals

Weekly meal plans – in living colour!

Week 1:

V5 - Week 1 - New Page

Week 1 REBOOT meal plan

Week 2:

V5 - Week 2 - New Page

Week 2 Weekly Meal Plan

Week 3:


V5 - Week 3 - New Page

Week 3 Weekly Meal Plan

Week 4:

V5 - Week 4 - New Page

Week 4 Weekly Meal Plan

REBOOT V5 Weekly Meal Planners – as easy as that!


So now, between the V4 Meal Planner and this, you have 60 days worth of meals to choose from! Please note that this is not a prescribed meal plan – this is purely for reference purposes and is just a documentation of the meals that I ate when REBOOTing. Use this for ideas or inspiration, and I do hope it helps when you’re feeling stuck!

Paleo Funny Pic

Too true!

I will be working on a ‘Life After REBOOT’ meal diary (as well as something that I am super excited about and cannot wait to share…. but not yet…!!) and will post that soon(ish).



6 thoughts on “My Weekly Meal Plan: REBOOT (V5), Paleo friendly, and Intermittent Fasting (UpDayDownDay)

  1. Hi, Can you tell me did you find you lost more on on your V5 eating plan or your V4? If so roughly how many kg’s did you loose? 🙂


    • Hi Nicky, I’m afraid I can’t tell you about kgs lost because I don’t weigh myself (I don’t even have a scale – I’ve written openly about my past eating disorders and why I don’t weigh myself). The only thing I can say is that between the two REBOOTs, I dropped 2 sizes. The intermittent fasting I believe helps me with now maintaining my weight because I don’t want to lose any more. Hope that helps!


  2. Thank You! Just started reading your blogs haven’t gotten very far yet 🙂
    It does help. Think it is much of a muchness. Going to do something similar to your V5 cos I also find I don’t like eating too early and have kinda done it for a week and I was ok. Thanks again! Meal ideas is really what I needed as I find I tend to eat the same thing day in and day out!


    • What I gained out of all of this outweighs the weight loss – I just feel so alive again! I almost feel like the weight loss was an added bonus. The egg coffee helps me A LOT in the mornings – with 2 kids and school runs and work… Yeah, it’s a great quick meal replacement in the morning!! Good luck to you !


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