Paleo Lemon and Poppy Seed Mayonnaise (this is FAB!!)

A quick, easy mayonnaise recipe that is paleo friendly, and flavoured with the classic lemon and poppy seed combination

I had to post this micro-recipe because it is too good to not share! I love the combination of lemon and poppy seeds (errrm, helllloooo…muffins!?). When I was thinking about a summery, fresh take on ‘meat and salad’ for this evening’s dinner, it struck me to try this combo in a salad… And it works! 


The original Paleo Mayo recipe is here. It’s a great recipe, one which I’ve used numerous times without issue, and this is merely a variation of the same. I had made an avo mayo a few months ago to go with my lamb salad and that variation can be found here: Avocado mayonnaise recipe.

So back to it – 

Paleo Lemon and Poppy Seed Mayonnaise

What you need 

1/2 cup Paleo Mayo

2 tblspns poppy seeds, lightly roasted

1 tblspn freshly squeezed lemon juice

What you need to do

1. If you haven’t any to hand, make up a batch of plain mayo as per the recipe in the link above (or your go to recipe). 

2. Mix in the poppy seeds and lemon, taste, adjust seasoning if necessary. 

3. Done!! 

Like I said, this is a micro-recipe that just builds on an existing one. It’s a great condiment and I used it as a dressing on a kale, avo, and courgette salad – was amazing! 


Serving suggestion

Perfect for summer recipes. Enjoy! 


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