FEED THE FAM FOR R50! Paleo Coconut Crumbed Chicken 

The quest for budget friendly recipes continues with this very family friendly Paleo Coconut Crumbed Chicken with Sweet Potato Chips and a Tomato Salad

Gluten free crumbed chicken meal

All this for R50? REALLY!!? Well, YES! (Just FYI – there were more sweet potato chips and salad but my kids grabbed their portions before I got a chance to take the pic!!)
I bought a bulk pack of free range chicken which was R42.99 for 10 pieces. That works out to R4.29 per piece. Yep. That’s right. (The chicken was on special and I bought loads to stock up the freezer! This will be handy when it comes to making these budget friendly family meals – look out for bargains and shop around!) So of those 10 pieces, after we’ve all enjoyed a very scrumptious dinner, there are 3 pieces left, which means that R30.09 is the total expenditure for the actual amount of chicken used for this meal. 

I also purchased veggies on special and the sweet potatoes worked out to R25 for 3kg. I used around 500g or so which brings the amount spent for this meal to around R5 on sweet potatoes. 

The tomatoes were also on special – R25 for 2kg. I used 2 tomatoes for the salad, so this cost is minimal! 

So you’re probably wondering about the coconut flour – this I made from pulp when making coconut milk. I use 2 cups of desiccated coconut (R12.99 for a large bag) and out of that I get coconut milk, coconut cream, and coconut flour. So 1/2 a cup of the flour is again costing a minimal amount. So far, we’ve probably just nudged the R40-R45 mark for this amazing meal!! That leaves room for the egg dip, and spices to also fall within the budget. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with that. Oh yes, and I bought everything at Woolworths. 

Paleo Coconut Crumbed, Gluten free chicken, sweet potato chips, and a tomato salad 


The recipe for the Coconut Crumbed Chicken is already on my blog and all I added this time was a bit of turmeric and chilli powder (1/2 tspn each) to the coconut flour mix. 

Today’s menu

  • Paleo Crumbed Chicken 
  • Sweet potato chips 
  • Tomato, onion and coriander salad (dressed with lemon juice, dried origanum, and salt)

So there you have it – another great family friendly and budget friendly meal in the ‘FEED THE FAM FOR R50!’ series. Be smart about your shopping and you’ll see that this becomes very doable. I know I’m learning that as I go too! 



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