FEED THE FAM FOR R50! Spicy Cabbage and Carrot in Egg Wraps (Vegetarian with eggs)

It’s Meat-Free-Monday which means I headed straight for a huge head of cabbage to make one of my go-to veggie meals (learned this a few years ago and it is so simple, but so delish!) – a spicy cabbage and carrot dish, which I’m serving in egg wraps

(Please note: This could be substituted for a cauli wrap/roti but I didn’t have the time to make these today. The cauli wraps would keep you within the R50 budget, whereas the egg wraps nudge you above that. However, the cabbage and carrot dish is more than enough for two meals – unless everyone’s reeeeeeeeally hungry! – so technically, this is still within budget!!) 


This does take about an hour or so to cook (maybe more) and it requires active involvement (like stirring every now and then) because it can burn easily! I know this because I’ve done it before…! However, it’s well worth it. It’s not a very ‘cabbagey’ tasting dish – the spices, fresh chilli, and carrots add such depth of flavour that you do forget it’s just plain cabbage! 

The costs of today’s menu

Large head of cabbage: R12.99 

3 carrots: approx R2.50 (1kg for R6.95) 

3 tomatoes: approx R1.50 (bulk buys!!) 

2 Fresh chillies: approx R2 

1 egg wrap per person costs about R4 each (eggs, tapioca flour, salt, pepper), so for 4 people, I’d make 6 wraps (I know I can only manage one of these at a time! But it’s good to have extras!) : therefore the total cost for 6 wraps would be approx R24 (this depends on how much you spend on eggs). 

Throw in a salad on the side of lettuce and cucumber (the other half from last night’s dinner), and you’re adding another R13 or so.

The total cost for the main ingredients of this meal is therefore: R55.99. Depending on where you buy your produce and eggs from, you could make this for less. I just happened to get the ingredients from Woolworths as it was most convenient for me and I bought some of the veggies as part of their bulk buying veggie combo deal. 

By the way, if you have the time and make the wraps from a head of cauliflower (R13.95 each @Pick n Pay), you’d come in within budget 🙂 And like I said above, the amount of cabbage used is really enough for two meals. 


Recipe for Spicy Cabbage with Carrot

What you need

1 large cabbage, shredded 

3 carrots, grated

1 onion, chopped

3 tomatoes, chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

2 tspns chilli powder 

1 tspn ground cumin/coriander 

2 fresh green chillies, chopped finely 

What you need to do

It will seem odd to not add the oil and onion first, but please follow this method. I’ve done it the other ‘traditional’ way and it came out all wrong! 

1. Add shredded cabbage and grated carrot to a large pot. Pour in 1 espresso cup full of olive oil. Yes. It is necessary!   

2. Place the pot on the stove, uncovered, over high heat. Stir well. Allow the cabbage and carrots to sweat off. After about 10-15 minutes, add the chopped onion.  Allow to cook for a further 20-25 minutes. Be sure to stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn! 

3. Add the chopped tomatoes, spices, and chillies. Give it all a thorough stir, lower the heat right down to the lowest setting, cover the pot, and allow to cook. Again, make sure you stir it occasionally because it really can burn easily. 

4. When the tomatoes have softened and cooked (usually another 20 minutes), it’s done! 

Serve with wraps of your choice, and a side salad (you can add feta if you allow dairy), and you’ve got yourself a really delish dish!  



Please note: You are welcome to be inspired and to use and rewrite any of my recipes (in your own words) but please include the original link back to the recipe on my blog. Thank you! 


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