Challenge Accepted! Day 1: Ultimate You 8 Week Challenge 

Sleek Geek and Fitness 101 teamed up to create an 8 Week Ultimate You Transformation Challenge – and I am ready for that transformation!

So here’s the thing – for me, this is no longer about weight loss. I want to work at this for the next 8 weeks so that I can turn this ‘mummy tummy’ into an abs-olutely awesome tummy! Plus, my arms and legs could really use work… I mean, reeeeeeeally! Therefore,  it’s time to kick this tiny-skinny-non-existant ass into gear and gain some muscle! I am undecided but I think I will finally sign up to a gym. Shocker! But yes, home workouts are great but I want more focus and by separating myself from the kids and chores and work etc etc, and having that ‘me time’ at the gym, I think I can pull this off better… Plus – have you seen the Ultimate You Challenge Prizes up for grabs!!?!? This sh*t needs to be taken seriously! 

I’m here to once again push myself harder than I’ve done before to achieve something I never have before. Smashing through comfort zones and really trying to improve my fitness, health and wellbeing. Being skinny isn’t enough – I want health and vitality. This is what it’s all about 😉 

Having access to eating and fitness plans is a HUGE bonus for me and one of the reasons I signed up – for that added bit of structure and support. Being accountable by having to take pictures in a bikini – and to submit them! – scared the living daylights out of me but I did it. Interestingly enough, looking at those pics actually gave me the motivation I needed because I don’t want to look so skinny and bony but with a flabby tummy. So it wasn’t easy to do, but it was exactly what I needed to do. I cannot wait to see the ‘AFTER’ pics and compare them at the end of this! 

Plus, I get to do this with my awesome bestie (she’s on another continent but that’s not stopping us) so it makes it all the more fun! It’s 8 weeks after all – we may as well enjoy it along the way to our smokin’ new bodies 😉 

So what’s it gonna take!? I reckon: 

  • motivation to get started, 
  • dedication to stay on track, 
  • commitment to keep going when it gets tough, and 
  • preparation so there are no excuses ! 


Week 1: meal prep for the Challenge

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt along the REBOOT journey, it was how to Get Prepped for Success! Applying the same tools, I got myself prepped on Sunday afternoon so that come Day 1, 21 September 2015, I’d at least have the food part taken care of. 

Challenge motivation

Now it’s time to schedule my days better so that I include my workout time – this is going to get interesting! 

Well, here goes… 8 weeks to go —-> 



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